The Best Role Playing Games You’ll Want to Play

The Best Role Playing Games You'll Want to Play

We have put together a list of the best role-playing games of all time with many players around the world. You can review the best RPG – role-playing games you will want to play on the list.

Role-playing games have a long and fascinating history. From humble tabletop devices, RPGs have grown over the years to become the most dominant and ambitious game genre. They have become games with a catalog as critically acclaimed as it is diverse. The best role-playing games embrace a rich tradition of storytelling, as well as deep and engaging gameplay within universes that are as exciting to explore and fight in as they are exciting to discover. We can immerse ourselves for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of hours. These incredible universes can be stunning high fantasy kingdoms full of knights and dragons, exciting sci-fi realms full of possibilities, or even extraordinary versions of our own world.

Here Are The Best Role Playing Games You Can Play

1. Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a Hack-and-Slash, Combat, Strategy, Role-Playing, Online Multiplayer and Single-player video game published by Smilegate Studio. Here in this version, you will become one of the most powerful heroes and start crushing your enemies who are trying to take over the world. Play the pivotal role, take control of the world and fight your way through the game, meet various epic war bosses and participate in grand competitions.

Also, play PVP competition against online opponents, play dazzling fights in various locations such as dungeons, solve mysteries related to mazes and learn victory during gameplay. Also, learn the content in depth and enjoy the best customization ever of up to 16 heroes, each with special uniqueness, ultimate powers and electric combos. Squad fights and solo player mode are in the same line, along with exciting soundtracks, easy-to-learn controls and epic graphics.

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2. Terrain of Magical Expertise

Terrain of Magical Expertise is an Action-Adventure, Role-Playing, Hack-and-Slash and Single-player video game developed by Neo-C. In this season your objective will be to take on the role of the White Hat Hacker and indulge yourself in turn-based combat, meet the game’s other characters and try to defeat them in the arena. There are also several avatars with various attributes such as unique fighting tools, techniques and combat skills.

Indulge yourself in numerous missions, choose the best strategies and earn various power-ups and rewards, but make sure you win all the fights. In the long run, you can choose from 50 players or customize avatars to your liking, 25 stages with multiple unique objectives with over 200 enemies are also available. Also features including 3D graphics setting, multiple camera angles, decision-based battles and multiple endings await you in the content.

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3. CodeSpells Best Role Playing Games

CodeSpells is a Platform, Action-Adventure, Fighting, Magic and Single-player video game organized by Throughtstem. You will be a wizard who embarks on adventures along the lines of adventure, facing various types of enemies and trying to experience great fights against your opponents. Make sure to keep an eye on magic, engage in epic adventures and embark on your quests, use various abilities and complete dozens of enemies as well.

There are a large number of codes that can be decoded and the results are activated for you. Navigate your character through various locations such as deserts, mountain tops, forests and other dungeons during the game, decode a number of items and customize your avatar with his outfit, powers, abilities and special skills throughout the version. Participate in boss fights, build a history to eliminate them and enjoy the third-person perspective along with attractive graphics.

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4. Guardian’s Crusade

Guardian’s Crusade is a Role-Playing, Action-Adventure, Platform and Single-player video game developed by Tamsoft. Through this content, you will interact with the fantasy world of Orgo as you play the role of a young boy who will contribute to the game with his fairy friend companion. Meanwhile, deliver the letter from one town to another, meet various mysterious characters and try to explore the entire open world.

Also, use various types of weapons, including swords, and throw enemies, search for treasure and try to navigate through all kinds of locations. the game features a story mode that lets you deal with bosses, monsters and other beasts to solve various puzzles, and the use of platforming skills is also a plus. On the other hand, there are also different features such as open world, third-person perspective, easy controls with colorful avatars and peaceful voice acting system.

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5. Battle Hunter Best Role Playing Games

Battle Hunter is an Action-Adventure, MMORPG, Hack-and-Slash and Single-player video game from Phase Two Games. Here in this version, you must become the savior of the kingdom by maintaining defense strategies, meeting various heroes and dealing with war and terror as you play. In the long run, create monsters and give them various roles, meet goblins and other characters, plan new paths and stand in the way of enemies.

Start fighting the creatures that terrorize the kingdom, help several heroes and start different quests as well. There are dozens of NPCs such as wizards, demons to fight, warriors to accompany you in battle, and samurai are also here, full of sorcerers. Take down enemies and explore an entire fantasy world, survive until the end and hack all enemies using various weapons such as swords, shields, spears and short-range weapons.

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6. Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded is a Platform, Action-Adventure, Fantasy and Single-player video game from Media Molecule. The theme of this content is being the adventurer character who must traverse various paths, complete a number of challenges and help other avatars while playing. Dozens of challenging missions to complete, hundreds of side quests and easy to control enemies are also included here.

In line with the context, follow the theme and go up against opponents, visit several locations and try to dive into epic adventures. The features of this edition include characters made of paper, hundreds of puzzles to overcome and various obstacles added to this game. Also experiencing platforming abilities such as jumping, rolling, running and moving in all directions, meeting non-player characters and discovering new animations during the game, getting attractive sound and eye-catching graphics in 3D animation are also part of it.

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HARDCORE MECHA is an Action-Adventure, Anime, Shooter, Sci-Fi and Single-player video game organized by Rocket Punch. The theme of this version is to step into the shoes of the main character who tries to take over robot-like enemies and use all his efforts, powerful attacks and combos to make it possible to crush them.

Use a variety of weapons such as laser guns, easy-to-carry machine guns and other advanced weapons, make sure to take down your opponents in head-to-head competitions and try to defeat every opponent as you play. Get a robot costume and try to shoot them all in rail shooting competitions and experience being over 50 mecha, follow the whole story and enter the campaign mode to complete up to 18 levels and 8 chapters.

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FINAL FANTASY VI (Legacy version) is a Role-Playing, Hack-and-Slash, Action-Adventure and Single-player video game from Square Enix. The story here allows you to focus on the role of Locke, who will fight against the sorcerer who has some serious magical powers and can ruin the world, your task is to identify ways to reach him, confront him and deal with his female enemy, choose not to be killed and eliminate all his evils.

Embark on quests, meet different characters and try to gain more power than ever before, plus immerse yourself in the trading cards rule and write fate with your hands. Story-rich gameplay, hundreds of cutting tools, an open-world arena to fight enemies, face hordes of monsters and burn them to ashes, a variety of characters, active time battles and realistic combat system are captured here.

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9. Eternal Magic Best Role Playing Games

Eternal Magic is Duoyi Network’s Role-Playing, Fighting, Hack-and-Slash, Anime, MMO and Single-player video game. With this version, you must choose the main character to play as and test your skills against powerful enemies, meeting powerful warriors along the way and taking them all on their knees. The game puts you in the open battlefield with hundreds of enemies in online multiplayer mode, where various characters are indicated who can be your allies and enemies.

In the long run, manage the custom role, indulge in boss battles and play against all odds, be victorious and grab amazing rewards, as well as customize the puppet with skills, techniques, weapons and warrior approach. Other features to discuss include real-time effects, unique slash tools, exciting music, non-linear storyline and easy-to-learn controls added to this adventure.

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ELDERBORN is a Hack-And-Slash, Combat, Role-Playing and Single-player video game developed and published by Hyperstrange. In the context line, you are dragged into the barbaric world where you will deal with doomed creatures and you have to play the role of slasher to help society in the cause of survival.

There is an open world full of dangers, there are hundreds of skeletons and various wild monsters and you need to cut off their heads before they cause everyone’s death. You are a messiah with special abilities to wield sword, bows and arrows and have the courage to face death, make sure to eliminate all targets while fighting monsters and uncover the mysteries behind ancient secrets, with special abilities to indulge in battles and explore the open world while playing. There are several enemies with different powers and abilities, epic quests and dozens of maps to conquer while saving lives.

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11. Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe is a Role-Playing, Combat, Hack-and-Slash and Single-player video game created by Nippon Ichi Software. In this release, you play the role of a ninja-like character who has to face a series of enemies, trying to defeat opponents and win every battle against the AI. Use various item types, combat vehicles and introduce new movement modes throughout the fights, dive into dogfights against your friends and defeat them all.

As you navigate, there are many challenges in the fighting house, dive into the exploration and try to have awesome fights while searching and fighting. Start killing your opponents during the game, attack with more power to deal maximum damage and enjoy beating the enemy’s ass. There are various monsters like dragons, snakes, gladiators, ninjas and many more monsters, defeat them and earn fancy rewards and unlock new challenges.

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