What is IceWarp and How to Use It?

What is IceWarp and How to Use It? 1

What is IceWarp and How to Use It? What is IceWarp, which is vital for corporate collaboration solutions and communication in business life, and how to use it? Here is IceWarp in all its details!

The most important element in the business world is undoubtedly communication. Because organizations communicate with each other while managing business processes. This is where e-mail comes to the fore. Therefore, various providers have been developed for organizations to make better use of mail services. IceWarp is among the e-mail service providers.

IceWarp was launched in 2006 in the form of Merak Mail Server. IceWarp Mail Server, developed by IceWarp Ltd. is known as a corporate e-mail software server. IceWarp is also referred to as a client-based groupware server. In this guide, we have compiled unknown facts about IceWarp, which can be run both locally and in the cloud.

What are the Advantages of IceWarp?

IceWarp allows users to combine calendar, files, email, IM, and more into a single interface. IceWarp e-mail application also offers the following advantages to its users:

1. Cloud Storage Management

This email service provider offers its users the advantage of cloud storage management. Cloud storage management allows you to organize your documents in real time. You can also spell check and preview documents with cloud storage management.

The team can also seamlessly share documents with each other. Due to its cloud storage management feature, IceWarp adapts to all file formats. Thanks to the cloud storage management feature, users also have the following advantages;

  • Print supports,
  • Equation editor,
  • Preview of live fonts,
  • Spell check,

2. User Friendly Web Interface

Among the advantages of corporate e-mail software is its user-friendly web interface. Users can access this e-mail software at any time via web browser.

It has an intuitive, modern web interface that makes it easy for organizations to collaborate and communicate. The email software we are talking about can work on different devices. It runs all functions so that users can get their work done quickly.

What is IceWarp and How to Use It? 2

3. High Security E-Mail Server

  1. High Security E-Mail Server
    IceWarp also features real-time security. It provides complete protection against malware. You can protect yourself from malware with the following factors;
  • DLP
  • Phishing
  • Zero Hour Protection

For example, when IceWarp is transferred to other email services, all email information remains intact. It never saves the credentials of emails in email migrations either.

4. Multilingual Tools

The IceWarp e-mail client we are talking about is available in many languages. You can easily manage e-mails by using the client in many languages such as English, German, Italian and many others.

Various Collaboration Solutions

IceWarp offers various collaboration solutions to businesses. We can list the collaboration solutions offered by the software as follows;

  • Real-time security,
  • Integration with TeamChat,
  • Create emails quickly and easily,
  • Collaboration with Outlook,
  • Ensuring resource efficiency and accessibility,

At the same time, IceWarp doesn’t need a specific operating system. It works seamlessly on every mobile device. It is used by over 40,000 companies worldwide because it is transparent and affordable software. Emails can be converted via IceWarp or IceWarp On-Premise mail server. The resulting data after this conversion is also saved in a user-friendly way.

In addition to the above advantages, IceWarp can save over 25 file options such as HTML, Windows Live Mail, PST, Gmail, DOC, Yahoo and more. If there are many contacts on the IceWarp server, the software can be used to convert both calendars and address book contacts. Calendars can be exported using the ICS file format. CSV and vCard (.vcf format) can be used to convert contacts.

But this software is not only used in business life. It also plays an active role in establishing healthy communication between students and teachers in the field of education. Teachers can inform their students about exam dates through this software. In addition, the software can be used for homework submission.

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