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Read our Hilalay Privacy Policy page – The website respects your personal privacy rights and continuously makes maximum efforts to ensure this throughout your presence. Some important explanations regarding the lifespan of your personal information are provided and informed below.

Routine Information Collection

All websites contain basic information about their management. For statistical purposes, this information includes your IP address, internet service provider, browser features, operating system, and standard information such as your entry and exit pages to the site. These pieces of information do not identify any visitor personally, they are stored for administration and maintenance purposes.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Some applications used on store user settings and web history using cookies to provide personalized content to the user when necessary and/or to provide better service. If you have concerns about user information leakage, please remember that you have the option to disable cookies from your browser settings.

External Links may redirect to different internet addresses from its pages. is not responsible for the content or privacy principles of sites linked from its pages and cannot be held responsible.


When commenting on content on, you agree to the following:

Comments submitted to are subject to review. However, we do not accept any legal or criminal sanctions for published comments. Therefore, any legal or criminal responsibilities arising from comments belong to the user who wrote the comment.

User distributions must comply with general ethics, legal regulations, ethical rules, and general comment terms of Otherwise, your comment may be deleted without any warning.


The links found on have been placed by us. However, since we do not follow the content of these sites, all responsibilities belong strictly to the site owners. It is entirely the responsibility of the visitor to click on these links.

Contact Information

You can contact us with any questions, opinions, and thoughts regarding this Privacy Policy applied on through the contact section on the communication page.

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