How Do I Know If I’m Blocked on WhatsApp?

How Do I Know If I'm Blocked on WhatsApp? 1

We have prepared a guide with various methods for users looking for the answer to the question of how do I know if I am blocked on WhatsApp. Here are the details!

If you think someone has blocked you on Meta’s popular instant messaging app, you may be wondering the answer to the question of how do I know if I’m blocked on WhatsApp. In this guide, we will answer the question wondered by most users.

One of the biggest problems of WhatsApp users is, of course, not being sure whether they are blocked or not. There is more than one way to understand this. So, what are the ways to understand that you are blocked on WhatsApp?

How to know if WhatsApp is blocked

  • Looking at last seen
  • Number of ticks of messages
  • Status information
  • Checking from another person’s WhatsApp
  • Trying to use the search feature
  • Trying to add the user to a WhatsApp group

Looking at the Last Seen

In the messaging application WhatsApp, it is possible to understand that you have been blocked without sending a message. You can see the last seen time or whether they are online on the chat screen of users who have not blocked you.

Keep in mind that users who turn off the last seen time will not have this information visible and this does not always mean blocking. Notice that the user’s profile photo has changed to the old one, and also that there is no online information or last seen date underneath.

Tik Count of Messages

Also, when you send a message to users who are not blocked, two check marks will appear next to your messages, but users who do not read your messages will not have this second check mark even if they are not blocked. So be careful to make good use of the situation.

Another symptom is that when we send a message to this user, even if we wait for a while, the second tick does not appear.

How Do I Know If I'm Blocked on WhatsApp? 2

Status Information

When we enter the user’s profile, their profile photo does not appear and there is also no status information. Users who block us do not have profile photos, online information or status information.

Due to the features in Whatsapp, a user can hide all these features even if they have not blocked you. Therefore, this method does not necessarily mean that you are blocked.

How Do I Know If I'm Blocked on WhatsApp? 3

Checking from Another Person’s WhatsApp

After adding the number you want to check on another WhatsApp installed phone, you can check the profile information of that user on your phone and on that phone to see if you are blocked or not.

Trying to Use the Search Feature

It is not possible to search for a blocker on WhatsApp. So if you think someone has blocked you, you can try using the search feature. If the search is unsuccessful, you may be blocked.

Trying to Add a User to a WhatsApp Group

You cannot add the person who blocked you to a group in the instant messaging service. For this reason, try to add the user to the group. If the process is unsuccessful, there is a possibility that you will be blocked.

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