How to Create a Yahoo Email Account?

How to create a Yahoo account How to create an email account A free email account is one of the many services Yahoo offers...

How to create a Yahoo account how to create an email account? A free email account is one of the many services Yahoo offers. Yahoo’s email service is web-based, so you can access your account from any computer with internet access. Free storage and spam prevention are also features of the service. Once you have created a Yahoo email account, you can access it from the Mail app on your computer or smartphone.

How to Create a Yahoo Email Account?

Open a web browser and go to at Go to the Yahoo Mail page.  Click “Sign up” or “Create a new account”.

Yahoo Hesabı Nasıl Oluşturulur E-posta Hesabı Oluşturma

Enter your details on the registration page. This includes your name, date of birth, mobile phone number and gender.

Choose a username and password. You may need to select several different user IDs before you can search for available user IDs.

Please enter your cell phone number with the area code. If you forget your password, you can use your phone number to access your account again.

Enter an optional recovery number. A recovery number helps you regain access to your account if you lose your phone or forget your password.

Click “Create Account”. By clicking this button, you confirm that your account has been created and that you accept the Yahoo Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Create passwords with text, numbers and special characters. These passwords are difficult to crack.


For your security, do not use your name as part of your password.

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