Solution to WhatsApp Notification Not Receiving Problem

WhatsApp Notification Not Receiving, Solution (iPhone & Android) 1

Solution to WhatsApp Notification Not Receiving Problem – Those looking for a definitive solution to the WhatsApp notification problem are here! We share the quick solution to the WhatsApp notification sound, which is frequently encountered on iPhone and Android smartwatches.

WhatsApp is an application that is on almost everyone’s phone and is used extensively, especially for messaging. The instant messaging application, which gains new features with frequent updates, does not cause various problems to users from time to time. Not receiving notifications is one of the most frequently encountered problems in WhatsApp. The solution to the problems of “WhatsApp notifications not coming” or “WhatsApp notification sound not coming” on Android phones and smartwatches but mostly on iPhones is actually quite simple. If you are experiencing WhatsApp notification problems, the solutions in this guide will definitely help you.

WhatsApp no notification problem (solved)

WhatsApp Notification Not Receiving, Solution (iPhone & Android) 2
Solution to WhatsApp Notification Not Receiving Problem

It is a common situation that there is no message without entering WhatsApp. Especially on Samsung phones and iPhone 11 model, WhatsApp notification does not come when the screen is locked. If WhatsApp notifications are not coming, here’s what you need to do.

1. Check WhatsApp notifications

When you update iPhone, there are likely to be some changes in the phone’s settings. iOS update could be a reason why WhatsApp notifications are not coming. The first thing you need to do is to check if you have turned on notifications and set the alert style. To do this, tap Settings – Notifications – WhatsApp and enable Allow Notifications. Also enable the Sound and Alerts option.

2. Turn on WhatsApp notification sound

If you have turned off the sound for notifications on your iPhone, the WhatsApp notification sound will also be muted. Open the WhatsApp app and tap the profile tab and under the Notifications menu, make sure that sound is turned on for message notifications and group notifications. Also go into in-app notifications and verify that the sounds option is turned on.

3. Turn off do not disturb mode

If you don’t want anyone to bother you, Do Not Disturb is a great option. However, once you turn it on, all notifications are muted, so WhatsApp notifications won’t come through on iPhone. You can check if the do not disturb mode is turned on by tapping Settings – Do Not Disturb.

4. Update WhatsApp

Sometimes a new version of the operating system can cause certain application features not to work properly. An app update can solve this problem by improving compatibility. Whatever operating system you use, it is important to keep it up to date to get the latest features, bug fixes and security updates.

5. Check network settings

If you are still not receiving WhatsApp notifications, you should check your network connection. Reset your network settings and check if WhatsApp notifications are working. On iPhone, select Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings. Note that this will erase all your network settings, such as WiFi passwords.

6. Enable background work

On iPhone, go to Settings – WhatsApp and check that Background App Refresh and Cellular Data are not turned on. On Android, go to App Manager – WhatsApp – Data Usage and make sure Restrict background data is not turned on.

7. Log out on other devices

If you’re logged in to WhatsApp from more than one place, WhatsApp notifications may be going to another device. Smartphone, tablet and computer, log out of the WhatsApp app from anywhere and then only log in on one device. To sign out of connected devices on WhatsApp, go to the You tab, tap Connected Devices, and then tap Sign Out for the devices you want to sign out of.

8. Turn off low power mode

Most phones have a feature that automatically disables background activity and notifications when battery power is low. On iPhones, low power mode is automatically turned on when the battery level drops below 20%, and you may experience iPhone WhatsApp notifications not showing up. Similarly, Android phones also have this mode, which allows you to save battery power when the battery is low. Make sure low power mode is turned off.

9. Turn on desktop notifications

If you are using the WhatsApp Web version, turn on notifications by clicking on the prompt in the web browser when you connect to your account. If you don’t see the prompt, the browser doesn’t support desktop notifications.

10. Check WhatsApp permissions

Like all other apps, WhatsApp needs permission to send notifications to your phone. If WhatsApp notifications are not coming on your Samsung phone, you can access the WhatsApp permissions menu by going to Settings – App Permissions or Settings – Apps – WhatsApp. Make sure that notification and sound are turned on here.

WhatsApp notification sound is missing, what to do (iPhone & Android)

WhatsApp Notification Not Receiving, Solution (iPhone & Android) 3
Solution to WhatsApp Notification Not Receiving Problem

WhatsApp notification sound does not sound is common on Samsung phones and iPhones. So, what to do if WhatsApp message sound does not sound in order not to miss important messages and updates?

  1. Take the phone out of vibration/mute mode.
  2. Keep alert and sound on for message and group notifications.
  3. Turn on sound in the phone notification settings.
  4. Make sure you have not muted the WhatsApp chat.
  5. Turn off Focus or Do Not Disturb mode.
  6. Keep WhatsApp up to date.
  7. Log out of the WhatsApp desktop app.
  8. Clear the cache and log back in.
  9. Force stop the app and restart the phone.
  10. Keep WiFi turned on in sleep mode.

One of the most common problems in WhatsApp is that notifications do not drop. Fortunately, there are simple ways to solve “WhatsApp notifications not coming”. Whether you are using a Samsung Android phone or an iPhone user, if WhatsApp notifications are not coming, the steps here will help you.

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