Free Apps to Turn Your Photos into Paintings

Free Apps to Turn Your Photos into Paintings 1

With various apps you can make your photos remarkable and perfect. So, what are the free apps that turn photos into paintings?

With the development of technology, there have been important developments in photography as in many sectors. Many photo editing technologies have been developed. Various applications have emerged with these developed photo editing technologies.

Thanks to these applications that can be used on smartphones, you can turn your favorite photos into works of art. In this guide, we will talk about free apps that can turn your photos into paintings. Here are free apps that turn photos into paintings!

10 Apps to Turn Your Photos into Paintings

  • Picsart
  • Instant Toon
  • Clip2Comic
  • Photo Lab
  • GoArt
  • Prisma
  • BeCasso
  • Watercolor Effect Art Filters
  • Fotor
  • Simplified

1. Picsart

Picsart AI Photo Editor

For Android

Picsart, one of the artificial intelligence photo editing applications, offers various filters and tools. It also provides editing of various types of shots such as video, selfie, collage. At the same time, the filters offered by Picsart include several types of tools that turn selected photos into perfect paintings.

With Picsart you can aesthetically edit photos and turn them into digital art in a very short time. Picsart has a section of effects created by different artificial intelligence for free. You can take advantage of this section to turn photos into digital art.

2. Instant Toon

Instant Toon Cartoon Art Cam

For İphone

Instant Toon is one of the apps that will turn your photos into paintings. However, Instant Toon only offers a small number of photo editing tools. There are many filter options in this app, such as comics, black and white sketch designs, and oil paintings. Instant Toon only works on iOS.

3. Clip2Comic


For İphone

Clip2Comic, a user-friendly application, can be used to create many art styles such as cartoons, comics, etc. At the same time, simple edits can be made on portraits with Clip2Comic. Clip2Comic can add and take photos from the camera roll. The free version has a decent number of filters.

4. Photo Lab

Photo Lab

For Android

For iPhone

Photo Lab is presented to its users with beautiful and creative filters. Artificial intelligence-powered technology is integrated into Photo Lab. Thanks to this technology, operations such as photo editing and cropping become very easy.

Photo Lab has a wide range of filters. Users can try out which of the filters fits the image. The image can be easily uploaded to social media platforms via the app.

5. GoArt

AI Art Image Generator – GoArt

For Android

GoArt, one of the applications that turns your photos into paintings, is based on artificial intelligence. GoArt allows you to create perfect works of art from photos and texts. Photos are transformed into cartoon avatars with one click. With GoArt, you can turn your photos into works of art like Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet.

6. Prisma


For Android

Prisma is another application that allows you to turn photos into paintings. With Prisma, which offers many filter options, you can create professional images. You can quickly share photos created with modern art filters and stunning photo effects on various platforms.

After applying the filter, the app immediately shows a preview of the resulting image. This way, you can edit the image if you don’t like it. Prisma also offers options such as saturation, exposure and contrast, which allow you to achieve perfect images.

7. BeCasso

BeCasso Photo to Painting

For iPhone

The BeCasso app features top-notch artistic filters based on important artists such as Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. BeCasso, where you can create stunning works of art, includes filters such as sketch, watercolor and oil painting.

Developed with artificial intelligence technologies, the photos created in BeCasso are high resolution.

8. Watercolor Effect Art Filters

Watercolor Effect Art Filters

For Android

For iPhone

Watercolor Effect Art Filters offers filters that add watercolor effects to photos. Many colorful and stunning images can be created from a series of beautiful art effects.

You can create extraordinary images with just one click. With Watercolor Effect Art Filters, you can easily edit photos and share them on your social media platforms.

9. Fotor

Photo Editor, Collage - Fotor

For Android

For iPhone

With Fotor, which has an easy-to-use interface, you can maximize the quality of your photos. Fotor app photos Pop art, Watercolor, SketchIt transforms into cartoon-like coloring styles. Fotor also offers customizable options. With the AI-powered Fotor, you can upload your own photos and choose your favorite style. You can also quickly turn your pictures into paintings.

10. Simplified

Simplified AI

For Android

You can turn your photos into paintings with Simplified, an AI-powered photo editing tool. This application, which allows you to turn photos into paintings, has a user-friendly and simple interface. Simplified consists of painting styles such as pencil sketch, watercolor and oil painting.

Designed with artificial intelligence technologies, Simplified can also adjust the saturation, color and contrast of photos. It also uses effects and filters to enhance the overall look of photos.

Which app do you use to convert or edit your photos into paintings? Feel free to share your ideas with me in the comments in the comments.

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