10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android – iOS]

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]

10 best GIF maker apps for Android and iOS – GIF-generating apps have become very popular for both iPhone and Android users. These apps allow you to create GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) from existing pictures or videos.

You can also customize your GIF with extensive tools that allow you to add filters, add backgrounds and text, add stickers or emojis, and enhance it in other ways. The resulting GIF files can then be stored on your device and shared via social media platforms or any of multiple popular chat platforms.

Many GIF-generating apps are available on the App Store and Google Play store. These apps offer a range of GIF design and development features, with each app offering its own unique spin using different tools and plugin features.

If you’re interested in creating GIFs to enhance your social media or web presence, or just to entertain your friends, here’s a list of the 10 best GIF apps for iPhone and Android.

The 10 best GIF maker apps for Android and iOS

Let’s get started without further ado! Here are the 10 best GIF apps available for iPhone and Android.

  • Giphy
  • GIF Keyboard by Tenor
  • GifLab
  • ImgPlay – GIF Maker
  • GifMe! Camera
  • GIF Maker by Momento
  • GIF Maker – GIF Editor
  • Video to GIF – GIF Maker
  • GIF Creator and editor
  • GIFwrapped

1. Giphy

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]
10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android – iOS]

(Free):  Android | iOS 

Giphy is the app most people turn to for making GIFs. Giphy offers comprehensive GIF-making tools in a package that covers everything you need to create a stunning GIF literally from scratch.

You can use cool filters, text and effects for the shots you capture directly with the built-in camera interface. You can also create GIFs from existing videos or images with Giphy by importing from your storage and applying Giphy’s tools for the best GIF results.

The best thing about the Giphy app is that it can be downloaded for free from both Google Play and the App Store.

Giphy was also recently acquired by Facebook.

2. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]

(Free): Android | iOS 

Gif Keyboard is Giphy’s long-standing competitor and a good alternative when you need a more practical way to create GIFs.

Instead of making a GIF, it’s a GIF finder app that lets you find and select GIFs available online based on keyword searches.

The developer Tenor itself is an online platform dedicated to GIF, so you can access and download a huge selection of GIFs for your desired use.

GIF Keyboard offers a fast and on-the-go GIF solution. This beautiful app is currently available for free on Android, iOS and macOS devices.

3. GifLab

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]
Android ve iOS iç10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android – iOS]

GifLab for iOS  (Free and In-App Purchases available)

GifLab is the photo animator app that lets you add motion effects to your existing photos. Lab comes with tons of animation art and special effects from the premium GIF generation that can be applied to your photos or videos.

You can quickly create GIFs and even publish them on social media platforms later. You can use GifLab to add cool effects to existing content, whether for profile pictures or video footage for your social networks.

4. ImgPlay

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]
10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android – iOS]

AndroidiOS (Free and with in-app purchase)

ImgPlay – GIF Maker is a highly practical and fun GIF app available for free with an optional upgrade for Android and iPhone users.

This app allows you to create and draw your own GIF from existing video footage, image gallery, cloud storage services or just using their black canvas.

It has an unlimited collection of filters, stickers and other design elements, but what makes your GIF more personal and customizable is the pen drawing feature.

The most fun part of ImgPlay is that it offers a great meme creation feature. GIFs can be enhanced with over 30 variable filters, the frame rate can be adjusted to increase or slow down the speed of the GIF, the playback direction (forward or backward) can be controlled and oscillated, and you can even do partial frame segment filtering.

5. Gif Me! Camera

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]

Free for Android ) | iOS  paid

GifMe! Camera is another fast GIF maker app that anyone can easily use and is currently one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and Google Play.

It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to add effects, filters and stickers to your existing shots. You can make GIFs with the converted images, videos or create them from scratch and export them to social media to share.

With a comprehensive collection of features, GifMe! provides a more intuitive user interface on your phone screen and a higher level of customization to get the most out of your GIFs.

6. GIF Maker by Momento

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]
10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android – iOS]

GIF Maker by Momento for Android  | iOS (Free and In-App Purchase Available)

Momento GIF Maker is a comprehensive GIF-making application for iPhone users. It allows you to create GIFs from live photos and videos.

The nice thing about this GIF maker app is that it offers hundreds of fun elements, including animated stickers, filters, frames and masks. You can easily transfer GIF files to your device or upload them wherever possible.

Momento GIF Maker supports more artistic, richer GIF results. You can even put a music background to your GIFs. You can make them even more attractive by upgrading the service, which unlocks more premium and fun elements to add to your GIFs.

7. GIF Maker – GIF Editor

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]

GIF Maker for Android   (Free and In-App Purchases Available)

GIF maker is a GIF maker app that lets you create GIFs from photos, videos and even live images.

You can use fun elements like captions, filters and effects in your shots to redesign your GIF.

GIF Maker allows you to set GIF speed loops, a feature not generally common in GIF maker apps. It’s currently free for the first 30 days, but if you like the app you can buy the fee version.

If you’re looking for a GIF maker app for a quick social media post, GIF Maker might be the app for you.

8. Video to GIF – GIF Maker

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]

Video to GIF for iOS  Video to GIF (Free and In-App Purchases Available)

Video to Gif is a GIF maker that lets you convert videos from Youtube into GIFs. This is a great app if you want to make GIFs from an existing video content, largely in conjunction with Youtube.

Video to GIF, however, doesn’t allow you to create GIFs from photos. On the other hand, the app is more functional than magical due to the limited fun elements you can use from their library.

If you want to extend your GIF video conversion experience from Video to GIF, you will need to pay to use additional features in the app.

9. GIF Creator and editor

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]

GIF Maker & GIF Editor & Video Maker & Video Maker & for Android  (Free with In-App Purchases)

This is a complete GIF maker app that covers all the functions mentioned in its long name. With this app you can create GIFs from scratch, convert existing videos to GIFs, edit existing GIFs and even create a full video.

It has a robust set of tools for editing GIFs, including cropping, cutting and an adjustable GIF speed loop. It’s currently available in the Google Play Store. You can use all the features of the GIF creator and editor for free, but getting rid of the in-app ads will cost you $2.99.

10. GIFwrapped

10 Best GIF Maker Apps [Android - iOS]

GIFwrapped for iOS  (Free and Offers In-App Purchases)

GIFwrapped is a GIF search app for iOS users that lets you search, save and share GIFs from an enormous collection.

A great app for those who love GIF games that require quick viewing of relevant GIFs in a very short time. You can search for GIFs by keywords and easily swipe through the thumbnails of GIFs for the one you like the most.

You can also sync your animated GIF collections to Dropbox or iCloud so you can quickly access them across multiple devices. Find your favorite GIFs and share them on any social media and instant messaging platform anytime, anywhere.

For a $3.49/year upgrade, you can turn off pop-up ads, get important details about each GIF you save, eliminate the GIF-wrapped watermark from Bursts and Live Photos, and bookmark your favorite GIFs for quick access during future use.


App Store ve Google Play Store’dan indirebileceğiniz birçok harika GIF uygulaması var.

In general, there are two types of GIF apps: Those that let you create GIFs and those that let you search or collect GIFs through keyword searches from huge GIF repositories all over the internet.

Whatever your GIF-related need may be, browsing through your preferred online store is sure to reveal a plethora of options for all your GIF creation needs.

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