What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps: Samsung DeX is a solution that enables users to multitask between their devices. It allows users to connect their Samsung devices to a monitor or TV to view their features on a larger screen. Users can also connect their devices with a USB cable to unlock the possibilities on their monitor.

The platform helps users turn the software into a complete dashboard where they can control everything. They can save presentation files on smartphones and connect them to the monitor for a slideshow. They can change slides by turning/sliding their fingers on the phone.

Samsung DeX gives users the chance to multitask, such as accessing texts on the smartphone and watching movies on the monitor. It gives users two different displays so they can do separate tasks at the same time. It runs on Windows 10 and a version higher than 10.13 for Mac OS.

Samsung DeX Program webpage: https://www.samsung.com/us/explore/dex/

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Android Control

Android Control is a simple and robust program that encourages you to control your Android gadget from your PC with the aid of a USB connection. Through the USB research mode, you can begin playing and shooting the progressions you need on your Android gadget. Before you connect your cell phone to your PC through a USB connection, you need to enable the item from your device’s settings section.

It emphasizes that Designer Mode gives customers an expanded level of access to their phone’s content  It can offer specific improvements that would otherwise be difficult to achieve one way or another.

It has a really important and unremarkable interface with a different capture to perform different activities on your phone or tablet. Reboot Device is pretty much the same as you have the option to Reboot Device in Recovery Mode or Reboot Device in Bootloader Mode. It helps you to Remount System Partitions or Shutdown Device.

Android Control does not have a website, so you can download it from sites you trust.

91 PC Suite for Android

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

91 PC Suite for Android is a lightweight administration application that allows customers to access and take care of all the elements of an Android cell phone straight from the PC. This product arrangement has outstanding apparatuses for supervising and sorting information and records on an Android cell phone. The client can download and uninstall applications on the phone and perform numerous other valuable jobs.

After associating the mobile phone with the PC, customers can supervise contacts and SMS messages, read messages, set alert strips, access registry plans and programs, view bookmarks and modify notes. The Media tab is useful for including and emptying backgrounds, ringtones, photos and recordings.

You can utilize it to add new topics and take screenshots of your cell phone. You can go to the Frame tab to consolidate phone information. There you can likewise discover tools to oversee documents and applications, re-provide support, modify pictures, and change the settings of your cell phone and calling search area.

Web site: https://91-pc-suite-android.en.lo4d.com/windows

Cheetah Sync

Cheetah Sync

Cheetah Sync is a lightweight and handy app that gives you the chance to merge an envelope on your Android device using an editor on your PC. First you need to introduce the app on your PC and your Android phone. At this point, make sure that the handset recognizes the computer and can establish an active association.

Each of the tools in the app is open and you need to work with your phone while exiting the desktop app. Choose an envelope from your computer and cell phone and give a name to the work recently done.

It offers you the alternative to effectively synchronize the contents of the collected envelopes. You should ensure that all cell phone gadget documents are exchanged to the pc and vice versa. The preferred basic point of view of Cheetah Sync is that you need to play the undertaking once and then sync it from your phone.

Web site: https://www.jrtstudio.com/cheetah-sync-android-wireless-sync

Portable SonicHandy

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Portable SonicHandy is a compact cell phone administration program that permits customers to view contacts and messages on their gadgets. It helps you to investigate the connections of your Android Phone on a Windows PC and strengthen your contacts and SMS document. You can duplicate messages, call history, and location book to make up for in case a disaster occurs.

It additionally includes the New Device Wizard, which establishes a relationship between the computer and the cell phone, managing the client through each of them. In any case, before you begin, keep in mind that USB research mode needs to be enabled on the Android gadget and the SonicHandy Android application needs to be currently introduced.

The app can check all USB associations, Bluetooth associations, COM ports and remote systems to distinguish the proximity of the perfect device and gives the results in a sequential summary.

Web site: http://sonichandy.co.uk/

Android ICS Root Unlocker

Android ICS Root Unlocker is a dependable utility that encourages the client to strengthen the root capacity on your Android cell phone. This application permits you to utilize all the adjustments made to the gadget without any limitations. To begin working with the application, you need to connect your phone to the pc through a USB information connection.

By doing this, the product can speak to your Android working framework. Be that as it may, you need to empower or disrupt a couple of alternatives on your phone prior to introducing any product change.

After dealing with each setting, you can begin the method using the tools that appear on the screen. It highlights an easy-to-understand charging line interface and you can effortlessly run errands without any effort. You can also download it from sites you trust as there is no website available.


What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Raccoon is an application that enables clients to download Android APK area without using an Internet program. This helpful program acts like Google Play downloading clients and helps you to get APK documents from the store with no connection to the store.

To get a text from the internet, you need to sign in to your Google account through Raccoon, find your required app, direction or book, and tap the “Download” button to get it. It moves the downloaded document into the Chronicle editor, which Raccoon does on your framework.

It shows all list items in a perfect summary and you can see their titles only with extra data such as an engineer, document size, value, permissions, date deployed and customer rating.

Link: https://raccoon.onyxbits.de/

MobiKin Assistant

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

MobiKin Assistant is a simple and easy-to-understand programming that helps you take care of archives and projects located on your Android phone or tablet. To use this application, you need to connect your gadget to the PC via a USB connection. After that, the basic window of the application shows a basic review identified with the gadget concerned, which without further ado has data about the space owned or OS adaptation.

The client can see the space contained by the apps he or she is promoting on a cell phone or promote another app in case he or she has currently downloaded the APK record to his or her PC. He or she can also, without much difficulty, delete the pointless system from the PC desktop in a single snap.

Web site: https://www.mobikin.com/assistant-for-android/

Kingo Android Root

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Kingo Android Root is a mobile device rooting app specifically designed to help Android users root their devices. It has a simple interface and does not require any skills to navigate. By rooting the device, you can unlock and sort through tweaks and features that would normally be hidden.

With the help of this root app you can boost your mobile battery, unlock speed on processors and customize skins. You can do everything to open all hidden features. This is a simple and easy to use app and you need to install it on your mobile device to activate it with all its elements.

Web site: https://www.kingoapp.com/android-root.htm

Samsung Kies

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Samsung Kies is a free software solution used to communicate between Mac or Windows OS and Samsung smartphones and tablets. The solution serves as the primary way to update phones, synchronize and backup contacts, and transfer media from your computer to your smartphone. It is available in multiple versions and editions depending on the device and the operating system it is running. You can easily update your phone, create backups and synchronize your devices after connecting the device.

The comprehensive software comes with many additional features that improve the performance of your device and remove all unknown files. Samsung Kies includes key features such as secure transfer for media, firmware upgrade, wireless firmware, easy to install and setup, secure data synchronization and much more. Samsung Kies is one of the best solutions for communicating between Windows and Phone.

Link: https://www.samsung.com/pk/support/kies/


What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

SideSync, kullanıcıların PC ve Samsung telefonları arasında veya iki Samsung cihazı arasında kolayca veri paylaşmasına olanak tanıyan bir Samsung Co. uygulamasıdır. Kullanıcılar, telefon ekranını bağlı bir cihaz üzerinden görüntüleyebilir. Sürükle ve bırak özelliği, dosyalarınızı paylaşmanıza ve telefonunuzdaki klavye aracılığıyla mesaj yazmanıza olanak tanır.

Ekran yansıtma seçeneği, kullanıcıların Android cihazlarını PC’den kontrol etmelerini sağlar. Uygulama ayrıca fare ve klavyeyi cihazlar arasında paylaşma özellikleriyle birlikte gelir. Giriş cihazları paylaşım modunda, telefonun ekranını monitör olarak kullanabilirsiniz. Pano özellikleri, telefonunuzun tüm bildirimlerini bağlı cihazlara getirir.

Link: https://www.samsung.com/us/sidesync/


What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

MobileGo app allows you to synchronize a smartphone with a PC to create a backup of the phone book, multimedia files, documents, messages and settings, etc. You can easily create a backup of applications on the devices as well. To back up the data, you need to connect the phone to the PC and then enjoy your Android device via your PC.

It allows you to download, manage and transfer files from phone to desktop with a single click. You can create backup and restore data in case of complete deletion of data from phone. You can root your device to recover lost files.

Link: https://drfone.wondershare.com/


What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

MyPhoneExplorer app allows you to explore Android devices on PCs. It is a mobile management application that allows users to synchronize contacts with Outlook, calendar, notes and various other contacts. You can control other elements of the phone such as messages, files, calls and much more. You can create a backup of the data and restore it in case of data loss.

You can manage an Android device without straining too much while enjoying it on a big screen. The app allows you to establish a connection between the phone and computer via a cable or wireless connection. You can copy photos and other things from PC to phone and vice versa.

Link: https://www.fjsoft.at/en/


What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

RemoDroid is a control app with which you can control smartphones from PC. You can tap the remote control options to allow screen mirroring and remote control of the device, but this mode requires a rooted device. You can tap the connect button to view and control the device’s screen (this mode does not require root permissions).

It comes with features that allow multiple users to quickly see a live stream of the screens. The app can automatically search for devices or you can manually enter the IP address of the device. You can take screenshots of the screen and save them to the device of your choice.

Web site: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.im.RemoDroid

Remote Mouse

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Remote Mouse is an intuitive remote control app that allows you to access your phone from other devices such as PC. You can remotely access, manage and enhance your smartphone. It works as a wireless mouse, keyboard and touchpad and provides controls to manage media, apps and web browsing, etc.

The gyro mouse feature allows you to move the mouse cursor with your phone’s gyroscope sensor. The Remote Mouse app comes with a built-in keyboard that supports numerous languages from around the world. You can also type with voice recognition and view different keyboards based on your device.

Web site: https://www.remotemouse.net/

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is an application from Unified Intents Inc. that allows you to turn your phone into a remote control for PC. It includes more than 90 programs, including virtual mouse and keyboard, media players and power control, etc. You can automatically detect servers to find devices on the same network and set a password on the network for additional security.

The app comes with a voice command feature that lets you type things without typing on a physical keyboard. It has 18 free remotes, widgets, quick actions and many other features to help you out. It supports numerous video players, internet browsers, document editors and media centers.

Web site: https://www.unifiedremote.com/download

Remote Desktop 8

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Microsoft Remote Desktop is an application with which you can remotely use virtual applications on your PC or phone. It gives you access to computers running on Windows Professional, Enterprise and Server operating systems. It supports all Windows gestures with a multi-touch experience and gives you a safe and secure connection to remote data and applications.

The app has a connection center where you can easily manage all your connections with computers. It comes with features to offer you high quality audio and video streaming. Its interface is easy to navigate, which allows you to multitask and navigate to the main section with a single tap.

Download site: Android | iOS.

Remote Control Collection Pro

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

Remote Control Collection Pro app is a collection of remote controls with which you can control a Windows PC without any physical connection. It has multi-touch gestures that allow you to use it as a touchpad, such as zooming and panning.

The virtual keyboard feature lets you type characters and you can import keys and controls as well. The screen mirroring option shows a live view of the PC screen and cursor position on your smartphone’s display.

Download site: Android | iOS | website.

VMware Horizon Client

What is Samsung DeX DeX Alternative Apps

The VMware Horizon Client app provides features to help you access VMware virtual desktop and applications from smartphones or tablets. It uses high-end hardware decoding to give you a better experience while using less battery power.

It comes with tons of features and supports to run apps as native android apps. It includes various functions that allow you to select favorite apps or files and you can multitask without start menu or taskbar.

It also uses multiple protocols to make itself faster regardless of your internet connection type. The app is secure for use with smart card authentication and card readers by the developers. To use the app, you need to enter the server name or address and a description of the server for later use.

Download site: Android | iOS | web site

VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

The VNC Viewer app allows you to remotely access the PC from anywhere in the world and turns your phone into a virtual desktop. To use it, you need to download a software on your PC and log in to the app on your phone via account information.

It automatically shows all the computers registered in your account and you can tap on one to connect. You can also connect through corporate subscriptions or by entering your computer’s IP address.

It comes with a feature to help you protect your connection with a password and encrypts all sessions with end-to-end encryption. It allows you to use the smartphone’s screen as a trackpad so you can remotely control the desktop.

Download site: Android | iOS | web site

Parallels Access

Parallels Access

The Parallels Access app is a simple way to use files on Windows and Mac apps as well as smartphones. You can access a single folder or edit a document from the computer screen on your phone. Provides secure one-touch connection to PC.

Its interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to access the hard drive to find the document or file you want. The app comes with features to help you copy and paste text.

The magnifying glass lets you zoom in on documents for a better view. You can switch between files and apps with a single tap and put personal data in the main section for easy access.

Download site: Android | iOS | web site

KDE Connect

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a software that helps users communicate across all their devices and enables them to connect with each other. The platform allows users to easily share files and links between their devices. It allows them to remotely browse phone files or open any link on any of their devices through this platform.

The software allows users to instantly get all phone notifications to the desktop without looking at their phones. It provides users with different commands on their phones with which they can lock or turn off their desktop screen.

KDE Connect allows users to remotely control their music on the desktop from their mobile devices. The software even allows users to use their smartphones as presentation remotes or even trackpads. Users can find out their phone’s battery level from the desktop.

Web site: https://kdeconnect.kde.org/

Sony PC Companion

Sony PC Companion

Sony PC Companion is a software that allows users to move their content from an iPhone or other Android device to new Sony devices. The platform offers various features such as firmware updates or calendar management. Users can easily manage their contacts through this software and provides a backup and restore function for phone content.

The software allows users to manage their media content using Media Go. It allows users to fully view and control their data, as users can easily copy, paste or delete any file they want from their computer.

Sony PC Companion allows users to repair or update the Xperia software update directly from the computer. In short, the platform helps users transfer their files and create backups for later use.

Web site: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/00236877

NComputing vSpace

NComputing vSpace is a predictable platform that allows you to deploy the vSpace server and provide device management functions. The software is an excellent way to minimize the computer army; you only have to maintain one server and you’ve done it all. The software provides you with the convenience of user data residing on the server, which can be easily backed up. Now antivirus protection is centralized in a single system for the prevention of viruses and data theft.

The software is a great option for managing all your connected user sessions and accessing od devices for small and large scale deployment. There is also a web-based management portal that allows you to access it from anywhere allowing you to manage your assets, status monitoring, Ncomping Licenses and more. Exciting features that make Vspace highly efficient are complete virtualization, NComputing Legacy device support, free licenses, advanced support and much more.

Web site: https://www.ncomputing.com/

Splashtop Business – Remote PC

Splashtop Business – Remote PC

Splashtop Business – Remote PC is a Splashtop app that provides remote access to personal computers from mobile devices. Everyone in your team can access all applications and files on their PCs. You can navigate with shortcuts on the screen and use the built-in profiles or you can also create a new profile. The app automatically adapts itself to network conditions for better live streaming.

It allows users to invite, enable or disable other users as team administrators. It comes with features to control users’ access to computers and you can view the usage history of all devices. You can also reset the accounts of all users under you.

Splashtop Business Remote – Support and Access app includes on-screen shortcuts to make editing items more manageable and faster. It offers end-to-end and SSL encryption for top-level security. It is an easy-to-navigate app that gives you access to a large number of apps. Splashtop Business is a free-to-use app with no in-app purchases.

İndirme site: Android | iOS | web site



HiSuite is a powerful management software that enables smartphone users to easily manage their contacts, messages and other multimedia content. The software helps users transfer all their data from mobile devices to computers. It enables users to manage their pictures, videos and even apps from the computer.

The software also provides data backup facilities that help users in case they lose important files. It enables users to update their cell phone’s software directly from the computer. HiSuite searches the web for the new software update and installs it on the device.

The software helps users transfer messages from mobile devices to computers, or users can easily manage contacts in groups. The platform allows users to browse pictures and videos in multiple browsing modes. Finally, the platform enables users to send and receive messages on the computer.

Web site: https://consumer.huawei.com/tr/support/hisuite/

Miradore Online client

Miradore Online client

Miradore is a smarter device mobile management software that enables you to easily view, protect and manage iOS, Windows, macOS and Android devices. The software provides a list of features for effective device management on a single platform. You can secure not only data and devices, but also data compliance across your organization. Miradore offers ways to effortlessly encrypt all confidential data, separate work and personal use, prevent unwanted apps, secure passwords and screen locks.

The software gives you access to detailed reports on how your devices are being used and you can take control of your devices. You can remotely upload any configuration, access dashboards and manage the application to be used. Miradore saves you time with automated task capabilities for you to work more agile with the ability to configure devices faster and helps ensure compliance by reducing the possibility of errors which helps get rid of manual tasks.

Web site: https://www.miradore.com/



ApowerManager is a software that helps users manage their phone and all its content. The file manager allows users to import and export or delete any media file they want directly on their device. It comes with a built-in media player that will allow users to listen to music or watch videos on the computer.

Users can backup and organize their data on their computers, such as contacts, messages or notes, from their mobile phones. The file manager allows users to send messages from their computers while using the keyboard – but only if they are Android users.

ApowerManager organizes all files into different categories and users can have full access to their notes and application files. Users can store all their data on the computer and restore it to the phone when they need it. The manager allows users to view their screen on the computer in full view.

Web site: https://www.apowersoft.com/phone-manager



Feem helps users share files offline without any servers and cloud services and offers unlimited data sharing. The software is much faster than a simple Bluetooth file transfer service and provides twice as fast service like Dropbox. There are no limitations on file sizes and users can share any amount of data they want without any problem.

Feem comes with a battle-tested security service that prevents any kind of attack on users’ files. The software works on all devices such as Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, etc. Users need to create a wireless connection between devices to share files.

The software offers a resumable file transfer feature that allows users to start where they left off. Users can chat with each other through their devices without the need for a server. Users can use both the web and software version to share files.

Web site: https://feem.io/

Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace is a platform that delivers a great user experience to a secure and unified workspace and users can access it from any device. The app gives users quick access to all web apps and SaaS platforms, as well as mobile and virtual apps. Users can also access their files, documents, Excel sheets through this single software.

The platform makes it easy for users to easily use their mobile and virtualized apps. It also allows users to access their email directly from the app and retrieve content from other apps directly from Citrix Workspace.

Citrix Workspace also allows users to access their files stored on their desktop or tablet. It is also built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform, allowing users to have a secure connection while accessing their applications and data on the system.

Download site: Android | iOS | web site



AirDroid is an easy-to-use program that allows clients to access and take care of their Android phones or tablets via a remote connection from the PC. This simple project allows you to take care of your Android applications directly from your PC. There should be a remote relationship between your Android phone or tablets so you can exchange records, read messages, view call summary and reply to upcoming SMS.

Customers can remotely control certain elements of their Android phone or tablet. For example, they can exchange documents and organizers from PC to Android or Android to PC. Likewise, they can view call lists, receive messages, see missed calls and reply to a text message using the PC’s physical console.

In order to make a secure association, you need to download the AirDroid app on both your PC and your Android phone. The AirDroid app is available in the Play store, so the customer can offer it from this point onwards. Customers require sign-in by providing a legitimate email location and secret key, and then repeat the same procedure when using AirDroid from the phone/tablet.

Download site: Android | iOS | web site

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