Gmail and Outlook Features Comparison Which is the Best

Gmail and Outlook Features Comparison

Gmail and Outlook features comparison – if you need an Email service these days, you will most likely have to choose between Gmail and Outlook. Both offer reliable services, but what would you do if you had to choose one of them? Today, we will take a look at these two Email services and see what are the main differences between both.

Gmail and Outlook Features Comparison

1- Price and Storage

If you want to use Gmail or Outlook for the company, you can download them with the other office suites they belong to, namely Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite. G-Suite offers two different price options: $5 per user per month, which costs 30 GB split between Google-owned Gmail and other office apps. If you pay an extra $5 per user, you can upgrade to unlimited storage on all platforms.

Meanwhile, Outlook offers various plans. The cheapest one, at $8 a month, gives you 50 GB for your inbox. The rest of the cloud office suite gives you 1 TB of space. Therefore, we can say that Outlook is the winner.

2- Search Option

The search option is especially useful if you need to track down an old email, for example. Gmail allows you to search for older Emails while writing new ones. Besides that, the whole process is quite cumbersome. It makes you lose dates, message previews and the subject you are looking for. Even if you have a dual-pane view of the inbox, you still can’t see everything. The main problem here is that you can’t see the search bar, the new message and the inbox at the same time.

Outlook, on the other hand, offers a clean rendering of the new message. Its options aren’t perfect either, but the default inbox view has a dual-panel view. However, it’s better than if you see new messages while looking for old emails.

3- Integration of Calendar

From the beginning with this category, you don’t need to know that both platforms offer a right solution for the calendar. They give you the option to synchronize your events with the calendar, but you can’t view the Inbox and the calendar at the same time in the same tab. If you click the toolbar in Outlook, it will take you to a separate window. In Gmail, if you click the Calendar icon, the Inbox will stay open and add a new tab and window with it.

4- UX

Of course, aesthetics are private, but they’re also important when choosing an email service. No one wants to strain their eyes more than necessary, so you’ll definitely need some customization options. In general, Gmail is easy on your eyes and offers text that’s thicker than the text used in Outlook. It’s also comfortable to use, with the added feature of inbox shading when needed. Outlook, however, is better at marking emails because the entire line is highlighted in yellow.

5- Security

When it comes to security, Gmail is definitely better. Gmail used two-factor authentication much earlier than Microsoft. This translates into the fact that if someone manages to steal your password they will not be able to access the account. It offered security options such as a security code to log in, security questions, touch ID or retina scanning.

Outlook, on the other hand, has been using a two-step authentication process since 2016, albeit belatedly. The main difference between the two is that Outlook allows you to view any image instantly, whereas Gmail lets you select it earlier.

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