What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One?

What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One? For most people, the convenience factor of living in a metropolis is hard to beat. Being able to walk to the shops in a few minutes to meet your needs is just one of the advantages of living in the city. For city dwellers longing for a little bit of natural life, you may want to consider urban farming that will serve your community (and your conscience).

What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One?
What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One?

We at Hilalay.com are pursuing a higher purpose. Since 1952, we have been dedicated to protecting and sustaining the world we live in. As we enter a new decade, making the land fit for the purpose of “local cultivation” is a vital part of our sustainability mission.

Together we can all strive to have a net positive impact on the environment. Read on to discover how our signature cause can come to life through urban farming today.

What is an urban farm and how do you build one?

Urban farming, also known as urban agriculture, is the process of growing food in the urban landscape. From the backyard – for those lucky enough to have a backyard – to balconies, millions of people are struggling with solutions for growing and acquiring food in the metropolitan environment.

What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One?
What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One?

Often confused with hobby gardening, urban farming is a powerful way to create a wide range of resources on unused and underutilized land. In general, hobby gardens focus more on the social benefits of having green space in cities and building social bonds, while urban farms are more commercially oriented and aim to sell their own crops. From producing local food to building bridges between neighborhoods, urban farms contribute to modern community building.

Have you ever walked past an empty plot of land covered in greenery? Chances are the soil has been meticulously divided, loved and cultivated to grow something beautiful. This transformation reflects the change this way of working is creating: whether you are pursuing a lofty goal or a simple hobby, urban gardening will become indispensable.

Achieve Big Benefits in Your Backyard

Urban gardening is a good (and sustainable) deal for you, for your community and even for your city as a whole. In addition to offering potential employment opportunities to disadvantaged groups, most urban farms also help those in need with food security.

We’re not kidding when we say that the benefits of urban farming are endless. By growing food close to where you eat, we can redefine “local” food. No matter what your community means to you, there’s nothing like producing something new and getting to know the people in your neighborhood while doing it. Who doesn’t love connecting with someone through fresh food, right? And if you’ve grown it yourself, it will make you feel even better.

What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One?
What is an Urban Farm and How to Build One?

Countries around the world are embracing urban farming as their future.

Sustainability is also a big plus here. As a result of growing your own food close to home, packaging and fossil fuel emissions will be minimal. In this way, you can also reduce your environmental footprint. By replacing your shopping cart with a shovel, you will instantly help wildlife.

City Farm is Really Simple

The concept of donning gardening gear and growing your own food may seem daunting, but anyone can get on board with the trend in a few simple steps. Before you head out to explore, pack gloves, waterproof boots and boot cleaning wipes. And don’t forget your raincoat in case of torrential rain.

If you are not quite ready to become a backyard farmer, consider working for an innovative urban farm. Check out opportunities in your city online or take a walk around the neighborhood to gather information on where to start.

If you have a friend or group of friends embarking on a new hobby, why not consider renting a plot of land with them? Some urban farms allow you to invest in a specific area within larger acreage plots. By splitting the costs with a friend (or three), you can make memories and produce delicious food.

Which Tools Do You Need on Background Farms?

As you make plans for your innovative city farm, make sure you get the right equipment to set you up for success. First and foremost, you will definitely need a strong pair of Earthkeepers boots.

From sowing the first seeds to watching your crops grow and caring for the crops, you’ll always need strong equipment to help you on the farm. When it comes to footwear, finding the right style is key to guaranteeing warmth even in wet weather. Suede and nubuck won’t be able to withstand the endless winters. Of course, a waterproof jacket is a must.

Let’s make a mess

Looking after an urban farm requires balancing a delicate ecosystem. As if irrigation and weeding weren’t enough, the weather can take a turn for the worse, or you may have to deal with pollution issues in the immediate neighborhood: which is more likely to happen in an urban environment than in the countryside. With Hilalay by your side, you can easily overcome these challenges.

Calling all shoe enthusiasts reading these lines. You can’t do without shoe protection sprays. While you don’t need to take a shoe cleaning kit with you every day, it’s a good idea to spray a little protective shoe spray every few days to prevent your leather or suede boots from drying out completely or getting damaged.

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As the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall, do you get angry at the salt stains left on your shoes? The solution for shoe protection is the original BootRescue protective spray. Boot rescue is a favorite of the Hilalay family, but there are many other options to protect your shoes before you hit the road.

Grow Food and Friendship in Your Backyard

You may be wondering if urban farming is really fun. The short answer is: absolutely. There’s a lot of hard work involved, but there’s really nothing like growing your own fruit and vegetables when you can enjoy the benefits of living in the city.

Whether you consider yourself an experienced outdoor traveler or a newbie to nature, urban farming is a sustainable way to build community and expand your horizons. Together we can all strive to set Mother Nature free and look dazzling.

Grab Your Adventure Shoes and Hit the Road

At Hilalay.com, we are walking the path to profit with a purpose. Join us and let’s create a future of undamaged wildlife. Become a backyard farmer today!

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