Music and Online Radio Player for Windows

Music and Online Radio Player for Windows – It can play music files found on your storage devices and also play hundreds of built-in online radio stations. If you use two separate applications to enjoy your music collection and listen to online radio stations, you can call them up and use one OooPlayer for both.

OooPlayer: Music and Online Radio Player Program for Windows

Music and Online Radio Player for Windows

OooPlayer has a very simple interface that anyone can learn in a few minutes. Basically, you need to add your music files or another folder with music files to OooPlayer and they will appear in the list in the middle, then you can start playing them and enjoy the music. You can save the playlist, create multiple playlists and change the order of the songs by turning on shuffle.

The music player has a built-in equaliser that you can use to adjust how the music is reproduced by this music player, but this will depend on your computer’s hardware and the quality of your headphones. Another exciting feature of this player is the ability to automatically download the lyrics of media files from a number of servers. It supports three of the most popular music lyrics websites and fetches the lyrics from them to display in the window. If you don’t want to receive lyrics, you can turn this feature off.

OooPlayer is not just a music player, it can also play hundreds of radio stations. You can do this by switching to the Radio tab and selecting one of the radio station categories. There are dozens of categories such as talk, comedy, hit, retro and more. Compared to some other radio players, OooPlayer plays radio stations much faster for some reason. To go to

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