Windows Desktop Automatic Background Change Program

Windows Desktop Automatic Background Change Program

Kana WallChange, the Windows desktop background automatic change program: One of the most common customizations we can do on a Windows PC is to change the wallpaper or desktop background. This feature has been used in Windows operating systems since their earliest versions.In the latest Windows 11 version, this feature is available from the Windows settings. Anyone can right-click on the Windows desktop and select  Personalize to change the desktop background.  However, if you want to automate this task, you can use Kana WallChanger, a free application.

This small tool is designed to work with a folder containing a large number of images.For example, if you have a folder containing a number of wallpaper image files, you can use Kana WallChanger to automatically set any of these images as the desktop background.

Windows Desktop Background Auto Change Program Kana WallChanger

When we launch Kana WallChanger, it shows a small window where we have to select a folder containing all your wallpaper pictures. These pictures can be JPEG, BMP or PNG image files. If you don’t know where to get these wallpapers from , you have to scroll down a bit to see a big list of available wallpaper pictures Microsoft Wallpaper to see a big list of available wallpaper images.According to Kana WallChanger, there should be no more than 300 images in the folder as it can slow down the program a bit. If you add or remove any images to this folder, Kana WallChanger will automatically find and update its database.

Once you select a folder to monitor, Kana WallChanger will take care of everything by itself. It will change the desktop background at regular intervals. It also places an icon in the system tray where we can manually change the wallpaper and switch to a random image from the monitored folder.

Kana WallChanger is a simple desktop background changer app. We can just choose an image folder and it takes care of everything by itself. It doesn’t offer as many features as John’s Background Switcher but sometimes simple is best.

You can download the Kana WallChanger tool from the web address

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