Android Process Media Process Stopped Error

Android Process Media Process Stopped Error

What is android process media error on Android phones? Why do we see this error? What are the causes of android.process media process stopped error? How to fix android process media error? I will explain this. Android operating system is one of the most known and popular operating systems in the world. It always comes with new interfaces with advanced features that users love to use on their phones. It is a fact that when users want to access new features on their Android phones, problems also arise.

Android Process Media Process Stopped Error

Unfortunately, the android process media process has been stopped error is faced by several users indicating this issue. Users regularly ask questions about how to fix the error or why such an error occurs. Therefore, I am sharing with you some of the best solutions to help you get rid of this error.

What is the cause of the Android Process Media process stopped error?

There are many reasons behind such unwanted errors. Some of the reasons for the above error are mentioned below:

  • Wrong firmware upgrade
  • malware attack or application crash
  • Incorrect installation of custom ROM from one phone model on another
  • Errors in Download manager and media store
  • And several other reasons can cause Process Media problem on your phone or tablet.

Once you know the reasons, without wasting much time, I recommend you to try these solutions that will help you solve the ” Android.Process.Media Stopped” error on Android. Here are easy and quick steps to get rid of such unwanted errors on your phone.

Solution 1: Clear Cache Data and Framework service on Google play store

When you encounter this type of error on your phone, it is useful to clear the cache and data of installed applications. In fact, since this type of error is often conflicting with files that you have just downloaded, it would be very useful to clear the cache and data of Google Framework Services.

To do this, you need to go to Settings & Applications. Here, swipe left and find All – All under the tab Google Play Services. Now click on Google Play Services and then press “Clear Cache ” and ” Clear Data“.

Android Process Media İşlemi Durduruldu Hatası

To clear Cache& and Data, do the same via the Google Play Store. Turn off and restart your device. Check if the android process media process stopped error is resolved on your Android phone.

2. Solution: Re-enable disabled settings

Enabling disabled settings on your phone is another way to solve the Android.Process.Media Stopped error.

  • First open Settings > Application or Application Manager
  • Enable Google Play Store, Media Storage, Download Manager and Google Play Services if turned off
  • Then click Settings > Google
  • Synchronize all for Google account and turn synchronization ON
  • Restart your Android phone and check if the problem is fixed.

Resetting app preferences is another way to fix process stopped error on Android phone. Follow the steps below carefully to reset app preferences:

Step 1: Access all Android apps first

Tap ” Application Manager ” or ” Applications” under Android Settings. There may be similar options, which may differ depending on the Android model.

Step 2: Reset app preferences on Android now

Tap the 3-dot “menu” icon in the top right corner of the phone. Then select the “Reset App Preferences” option to bring all apps back to their original state.

4. th Solution: Stop Google synchronization

  • Click Google on the phone> Settings
  • Turn off all synchronization for Google account on your phone
  • Leave your device off for a while
  • Turn your phone On again

And check if the error you encountered has been resolved.

5. Solution: Clear contacts and storage data

If you are still facing the same problem after following all the above methods, you should follow this step carefully. In this process you need to clear your contacts data and storage space. Go to Settings and select Application Manager or Applications. In the list of apps, search for ” Rehinder ” / ” Rehinder Manager “. In the result, clear both the cache and data of the apps. Turn off your phone and turn it back on and check if the error has stopped. If the same problem still occurs, try the other steps below to try the methods.

Solution 6: Disable media storage

Trying to disable media storage and fix the error may help for a few users. For this you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Find the Media Storage app

Click on ” Application Manager” under Android Settings, look for the Menu option and then select ” Show System ” where you should find Media Storage.

Step 2: Disable media store

Click on ” Disable” to exit Media Storage completely. Now you can check if the problem is solved. If not, move on to the next solution.

7. Solution: Update Firmware

You can get rid of stopped error by updating Android software

First, connect your phone to a strong Wi-Fi network. Then click ” Settings and then click ‘ About device‘. “Click on ‘Software Updates‘ and select ‘Update now‘. If your phone is not up to date, all updates will be installed after this process.

8. Solution: Factory Reset

Factory reset will erase all your files and data. Always make a backup of your phone somewhere. These are photos, videos, music, etc. Performing a factory resetwill make your device normal and the problem you are facing will be solved. After factory reset, restart your phone and check the error.

How to recover lost data after a factory reset

There are many users who have not created a backup of their data, instead of warning many times, and then want that data back. They are confused about how to recover this data. However, we would like to tell you that you don’t need to worry Android Data Recovery you can read our article that will help you easily restore all deleted data from Android phone without any backup.

Conclusion process stopped error is one of the errors faced by many Android users, but the solutions we have shared in this post will definitely help you get rid of it completely. Hope you choose the right methods to resolve the error.

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