Lock Android Apps with ES App Locker

Lock Android Apps with ES App Locker

Lock Android Apps with ES App Locker, ES App Locker: Nobody likes it when people pick up your phone and go through all your messages and call history. And some of these obnoxious people tell you about these messages after violating all your privacy.

You can’t look at them with bewilderment and hatred – that’s how people behave. You can’t change people, but you can lock your app with a password or pattern so that no one but you can use it once you provide the correct passwords, PIN code or password. ES App Locker is one such app for Android users that can help you lock your apps with a pattern lock.

Lock Android Apps with ES App Locker

ES App Locker was created by the same people who developed the popular ES File Explorer app for Android, which can likewise be trusted to run and secure your apps. The app shows you a list of all the installed apps on your Android device when you first launch it. You can select one or more apps to lock if you want, and then tap the Lock button . You will need to draw a pattern that will be used to lock apps.

Now, when you try to launch locked apps, you will be shown the screen to draw the lock pattern. Without the correct pattern drawn, you will not be allowed to use the selected app. You need to draw this pattern every time you want to use locked apps. In the settings, you can choose to change the lock pattern, disable the lock, lock all open apps when the screen is off, and hide the pattern drawing trajectory to prevent anyone from noticing your pattern.

The ES App Lockerapp for Android can be very useful if you don’t want some of those who really like to snoop through your messages and call history. Using this app you can lock Messaging, Dialer and email apps to keep them as private as possible.

You can download ES App Locker from the Google play store .

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