Android GPS Not Working GPS Searching Problem [Solution]

Android GPS Not Working GPS Searching Problem [Solution]

How to fix Android GPS not working GPS searching problem? Most smartphones these days come with GPS (global positioning system), which allows you to pinpoint your geographical location. GPS works by connecting to various satellites on Earth. GPS can work even if there is no mobile signal or internet connection. Having a GPS-enabled smartphone is very useful when you are hiking in the mountains or in the forest.However, when you go somewhere far away from the settlement, you may find that the GPS is not working just when you need it most. It may not work because the GPS data on your phone may be corrupted. To avoid such problems, you should update, reset or download your GPS data from the internet before you go on a trip.

How to fix Android GPS Not Working – GPS Searching Problem?

Downloading and updating GPS data is quite easy. However, you can use the free app GPS Status & Toolbox to force the download of GPS data. When doing so (make sure your device has Internet access):

  1. Once you have installed the GPS status and toolbox app on your Android smartphone, you need to swipe down to call up the app menu.
  2. When the application menu is shown, select the wrench icon and select the option labeled “Manage A-GPS Status“.
  3. In the options that appear on the screen you can tap the Reset button to delete all existing data and then tap the Download button to download new aGPS data from the internet (you need to have internet access for this).
  4. Wait a few minutes and your GPS should start working (if you are in your room, go outside and point the smartphone towards the sky for quick results).

If GPS is not working on your Android phone, it is very easy to fix. All you need is an internet connection and the GPS Status & Toolbox app. This app refreshes the A-GPS data on your phone to keep GPS running smoothly.

You can get it from GPS Status & Toolbox No Google Play Store.

GPS nedir?

To optimize GPS, it is useful to understand how it works. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and was developed by the US Army in 1973, but was released for civilian purposes in the eighties. It was initially used with 24 satellites but now there are 31 operational GPS satellites in orbit.

Your smartphone communicates with these satellites via a GPS antenna, which in the vast majority of current smartphones and tablets is a piece of hardware. The antenna is connected to the software via a driver.

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