How to Fix iPhone No Service Error?

How to Fix iPhone No Service Error?

How to fix iPhone no service error? In this article, I will explain how to solve the No Service Error that has recently appeared on iPhone devices. Let’s move on to the solutions for iPhone No Service Error without wasting any time.

iPhone No Service Error, especially when you put your device in airplane mode and turn it back to normal, the service problem occurs. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem on iPhone devices is a problem that requires some effort. However, you can still easily overcome it by reading our guide to some of the no service errors and solutions we have prepared for you.

Before we move on to our solution guide, we recommend that you make a backup of your phone via iTunes or iCloud and make sure to copy the contents of your iPhone somewhere to avoid losing important files on your phone.

How to fix iPhone no service error problem

Step 1: 

1- Go to the Settings menu, tap General & Software Update and download the latest updated iOS version.

How to Fix iPhone No Service Error?

2- If you have the latest version of iOS installed on your device, click on General> About, find the Operator option and tap on it 3 times to open it. If your operator version is not up to date, it will be updated automatically after this process.

3- Then put your iPhone in airplane mode and turn it off.

4- Remove the Sim card from your iPhone.

5- Turn your iPhone back on without the Sim card.

6- Take the iPhone out of airplane mode and turn off your phone again.

7- Insert your sim card and turn on your iPhone.

8- Finally, go to Settings> General> Reset, tap Network Settings Reset and reset your network settings.

After doing the above steps in order, the no service error will be fixed. However, sometimes such problems may occur due to software errors. If your problem still persists, follow the other steps below.

Step 2:

Note: After you do this, your iPhone will be reset and all data on your device will be erased.

It is useful to remember that as I said above, do not forget to make a backup of your iPhone phone.

1- Backup your iPhone and turn off your device.

2- Plug the iPhone’s Lightning cable into its dock, hold down the home button and connect it to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.

3- Touching the home button with your finger, do not remove your hand until the Connect to iTunes option appears on the iPhone.

İphone Servis Yok Hatası Nasıl Giderilir

4- iTunes will automatically find and recognize your device as an iPhone and give you the option to restore it.

5- Tap “Restore” when you see the option to restore/update.

İphone Servis Yok Hatası Nasıl Giderilir

6- After restoring, select “Update and update and restore install“. iTunes will download the latest updated version of iOS and install it on your iPhone.

If you are still experiencing no service after the above-mentioned procedures, you will need to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple authorized service. If your problem is solved, don’t forget to write to us using the comment field.

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