Automatically Backup Photos on Android

Automatically Backup Photos on Android – A common complaint from smartphone users is that pictures and videos they took while on vacation are accidentally deleted. While there are several file recovery apps available for Android, recovering deleted files from a smartphone is often a long and expensive process, and there is no guarantee that it will be successful.That’s why it’s so important to back up your files regularly. If you want to preserve your photos and videos taken from your Android camera, you can use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage app for Android. This OneDrive app allows you to automatically back up pictures and videos when they crash.

Automatically Backup Photos on Android

Automatic backup of Android camera photos

You can follow these simple instructions to set the OneDrive app to automatically back up pictures and videos taken with your Android camera:

  1. When you’re in the OneDrive app, press the menu key on your Android smartphone to display the settings menu. From this menu you need to select  Settings .
  2. Scroll down on the Settings screen and you’ll find an option labeled  Camera backup . Tap this option to open options related to camera backup.
  3. Tap the flip button near the top right corner to turn on camera backup. You can also turn on backup of videos, but video files will take longer to back up as they grow in size.
  4. Now, whenever you take a photo or record a video using your Android camera, it is automatically uploaded to your OneDrive account. You can check these camera backup files in the OneDrive app under the  Camera Rolls section.

Backing up your files is the only way to keep them safe and secure against malware infection, disk corruption or failure, data theft and other damage. You can use the OneDrive app to automatically back up your photos and videos and protect them from such situations.

You can get the OneDrive app for Android from Google Play Store at

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