Windows Free Presentation Software ActivePresenter

Windows Free Presentation Software

Windows Free Presentation Software ActivePresenter – Presentations are part of everyday work life for most of us. Even as a student, you may need to prepare a presentation for your school report or project. And when it comes to presentation or slideshow software, we all quickly think of Microsoft PowerPoint software but there are better free alternatives. For example, the free version of ActivePresenter is an ideal tool for creating presentations that allows recording videos from your webcam.

Windows Free Presentation Software ActivePresenter

The developer of ActivePresenter offers a free edition for non-personal commercial use only, so this is a practical program for students who can quickly create your presentations using this free software. When you launch the software, there are many templates to choose from. You can create blank project, download more templates or import Microsoft PowerPoint projects into this program as well.

Although ActivePresenter software does not work like Microsoft PowerPoint, the most intriguing part of the software is the ability to record screen activity inside a small frame along with your own webcam video.

ActivePresenter offers all the different editing and creative tools that can be used to create an impressive presentation. You can add slides, annotations, change the design or layout, add almost any conceivable element and more. You can insert image files or complete your recordings with interactive elements such as question boxes or polls, etc. You can add image files or complement your recordings with interactive elements like question boxes or polls, etc.

All your presentations can be exported to a number of different formats – images, videos, HTML5 slideshow and you can even upload them to Youtube as MP4 videos. Additional export options “Standard” and “Professional” have been added in the paid versions. Depending on the version, you can also export as a PDF document, Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel document or Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow format.

ActivePresenter program and use the free version.

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