Windows Free (Network Monitoring Program) Colasoft

Windows Free (Network Monitoring Program)

Windows Free (Network Monitoring Program) Colasoft – Works with both Ethernet LAN and wireless networks such as WiFi or Bluetooth. Can be used for packet analysis of all supported networks by network administrators to monitor or troubleshoot networks. The application monitors the network in real time, capturing packets and performing in-depth protocol analysis. Can investigate and fix some technical errors that can cause various problems with local or internet connections.

Windows Free (Network Monitoring Program) Colasoft

While the interface is very simple and anyone with some basic network knowledge can start using it, the program is designed not only for ordinary users, but also for network administrators and technicians. Using this network analysis tool, one can easily find errors and solve various problems related to network connectivity. Using this software we will learn how our network works and provide additional security against attacking it or other threats such as DDoS, ARP attacks or DNS malware.

Any person can request a copy of Colasoft Capsa by entering their name and e-mail address. After that, an e-mail message will be sent to you with the download link as well as the serial number with which you must register the free software before using it.

Colasoft Capsa is a powerful network analysis tool for novices and network administrators alike. Beginners can learn a lot about how networks work or how to manage a local or residential network. The program displays reports about data transmission. Supports DNS, DHCP and SMTP servers, it also scans TCP ports and supports more than 300 network protocols. Monitors HTTP, FTP, MNS, emails and scans other devices on the network by pinging IP addresses.

To use the Colasoft Capsa program, visit their website

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