How to Watch Multiple Screens on Twitch

How to watch multiple screens on Twitch? Many users use Twitch to watch streams that they enjoy. However, when there are multiple streams that you want to watch, you may have asked yourself how to watch multiple screens on Twitch? It’s actually very easy, here are a few ways to do it. If you want to learn more about how to do this, keep reading.

How to Watch Multiple Screens on Twitch

How to Watch Multiple Screens on Twitch

So, if you want to watch multiple screens on Twitch, we will show you three methods you can use to watch this way. We will cover MultiTwitch, Twichester TV and the option to use the Squad Stream option to watch on multiple screens.

Twitch streaming

It is a great way to broadcast and stream live on multiple screens for two to four users. This method allows you to be part of the battles, see the best moves and battles, watch your teammates’ best matches and many other possibilities.

To start using Squad Stream, go to the dashboard and find Stream Manager. Then find the Quick Actions panel and find Squad Stream. You can either accept or send the invite. To send, go to Add Channel and enter the name of the channel you are about to invite to the roster.It’s possible to invite up to three channels. To invite a channel, it must be live and you must have someone on your friends list or following you on Twitch. So, send an invite and wait for acceptance. Once you’ve created your roster, hit Start Roster Stream and enjoy.

This streaming method will end when all participating channels leave the roster. If only one member leaves the team. The others will remain in this mode and continue streaming.

Use Multiple Twitch – How to Watch Multiple Screens on Twitch

You can use MultiTwitch to stream from Twitch on multiple screens, and you can watch as many streams as you want. The only question is how much your device can take.

To start using this method, go to the MultiTwitch official site. In the bar where you type the web address you want to visit; enter the names of the channels you want to watch. Make sure the address remains and below, you need to add the streaming channel names by splitting them by writing a slash between the channel names.

When you have entered the channels, press Enter or the Return button so that your streams can be loaded. Now you will be redirected to the new window with a video for each channel you typed in.

You need to press the Play button on each video to start watching the streams at the same time. You have set up the streams on multiple screens and started watching.

If you want to add or remove the stream, click the Change Stream button, and to see or hide the chat, click the Change Chat button. You will see these buttons in the bottom right corner of the window.

Twichester TV use – How to Watch Multiple Screens on Twitch

Follow the steps below to use this method to watch Multiple screens on Twitch. First, go to the Twichester official site.Once it opens, go to the menu on the left side and you will see the bar where the title Add Channel is written. You need to add the name of the channel here. Once you have done that, press enter or the option next to the bar in purple.

In the center of the screen you will see the streams loading. Now, press the play button for each channel’s video. They will start simultaneously and you can enjoy watching them.

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