Turn Whatsapp Features On/Off and Manage

Turn Whatsapp Features On/Off and Manage Nowadays, almost everyone uses Whatsapp, one of the greatest blessings of smartphones. So how much do we know about Whatsapp? Let’s take a look at how we can use Whatsapp’s features together. Here are the following in our article:

  • How to hide Whatsapp Last seen date
  • Putting a lock on Whatsapp
  • Recover Whatsapp deleted messages
  • Whatsapp Profile hiding
  • Whatsapp number change

Turn Whatsapp Features On/Off and Manage

How to hide Whatsapp Last seen date?

If you don’t want to let your friends or other people know when you’re on Whatsapp, then this feature of Whatsapp is for you. This feature, which used to be done thanks to third-party applications, is now available in the latest versions of Whatsapp. To make this small setting, you can hide the last viewing date of Whatsapp by going to the Settings>Account>Privacy tab.

Putting a lock on WhatsApp

Most of us don’t like our messages being read by others and if you are sensitive about this Whatsapp lock  application. Android there are many applications available in the market, but the most successful one is the  Whatsapp lock application. The process that the application does is quite simple Before you enter Whatsapp , it asks for a password every time After entering your password, you can easily read your messages.

Whatsapp recover deleted messages

You may accidentally delete a very important message without realizing it, in which case Whatsapp’‘s renewed application prevents this with this feature. Whatsapp, which automatically backs up messages, can directly restore messages in case of emergency. All you have to do is delete and reinstall Whatsapp in the normal way, then it will ask us if we want to restore the message backups restore  and Whatsapp will start the process of recovering deleted messages. You can also check out our detailed WhatsApp Conversations Restore Android article.

Protect your internet package

Whatsapp are saved to your device by default and automatically. This can lead to a surprise bill at the end of the month. You can choose which network connection to download the incoming multimedia items from. It’s also nice that Whatsapp is offering us this feature. A quick statistic is that a conversation of about ten thousand messages uses about (50 mb) of data, including pictures, which shows how much data it uses.

Whatsapp Profile hiding

What would you say if we told you that your profile picture can only be seen by the group of users you specify?It is very simple to protect the privacy of your profile picture with Whatsapp Request Whatsapp  To adjust the settings of your profile Settings>my account>privacy  and profile photo you can choose the one you want from the option.

Whatsapp number change

You don’t need to reinstall Whatsapp to change the number of your WhatsApp profile, you can change your mobile phone number in the same way by going to  Settings  and selecting  Account change number  and enter the new number you are using.

In this article I tried to explain some of the useful features of Whatsapp. I hope it was a useful article.

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