Top 10 PC Hardware Monitoring Programs for Windows

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Top 10 PC hardware monitoring programs for Windows – As a gamer, sometimes problems we encounter or an action we want to perform while playing the game we love very much can spoil our enjoyment of the game. In the computer world, there are solutions to many things as well as programs that solve such problems. You can find it in our list of programs that we have compiled for you and that every gamer should have on their computer.

With the help of these PC hardware monitoring programs, you can know about PC load usage over time, memory consumed by each program, storage space information, network speeds, fan temperature, FPS and much more.

In short, computer hardware monitoring programs will allow you to see things that you cannot see with the naked eye or what is happening internally in your PC and how the hardware part of the PC is working. You can track details such as whether the current temperature of computer parts is standard or overheating.

In short, computer hardware monitoring programs will allow you to see things that you cannot see with the naked eye or what is happening internally in your PC and how the hardware part of the PC is working. You can track details such as whether the current temperature of computer parts is standard or overheating.

  • Real Temp
  • HWiNFO
  • WiseCleaner
  • AgaueEye
  • GPU-Z
  • SensorsView Pro
  • CPUTempWatch
  • CPU Temperature Monitor
  • Moo0 System Monitor

10 best hardware monitoring programs for Windows

1- Real Temp

Real Temp

Real Temp is a hardware monitoring program designed for Quad Core, Single Core, Dual Core and Core i7 processors. This software has the ability to monitor each hardware of the system. It is either related to knowing the memory status or the consumed power, it can transmit all the information. The operation of this tool is simple and easy to understand. Essentially, each processor includes a digital thermal sensor that reports temperature data regarding TJMax, a safe maximum operating core temperature for the CPU. If the PC gets hot, the distance to TJMax will automatically decrease.

If it reaches zero, the processor will start throttling or throttling, so maximizing the distance from TJMax will help the system run at full speed with more advanced function capability. The main highlighted features and functions of Real Temp are that it can read temperature information from almost any processor, calibrate the actual temperature for each CPU core individually, works using a Fluke 62 IR Thermometer, Test Sensors feature, checks DTS sensors for any It tracks signs of problems, minimum and maximum temperature, accurate and reliable result of the product, shutdown feature, high temperature alarm and much more.



HWiNFO is basically a PC hardware monitoring program, but it works as a tool to get an in-depth analysis of the internal state of the installed hardware. In addition to hardware information teller, this platform works as a hardware analyzer to get comprehensive hardware analysis and monitor and report DOS and Windows problems. Even though it is a free hardware and temperature monitoring program, it still offers the best features and tools.

In-depth hardware monitoring, real-time system monitoring, and comprehensive reporting system are the three main benefits of using this platform. The best thing about it is its compatibility with any brand’s hardware. Real-time monitoring, which is the subject of discussion here, tells users about accurate monitoring of all system components for actual status and fault prediction.

It supports customization system so that you can benefit from various options depending on your system’s requirements. Features and functions can be extended using the plugin and a few of the top-ranked ones are rain meter plugin, samurai plugin, HWiNFO monitor system, HWiNFO sidebar widget, LCGHost plugin, general logic viewer, LCD smartie plugin available.

3- Wise System Monitor

Wise System Monitor

WiseCleaner PC hardware monitoring program is a program used to monitor the process, hardware and network traffic of any system. This system monitor aims to let its users instantly understand memory usage, CPU usage, network traffic, HDD statistics, and all processes running on hardware components. It will also give you full command and control of the computer’s internal hardware components. You can also close or stop any process.

If you want to enjoy full command and control of your entire system along with getting real-time status, go with this tool because it allows you to enjoy all these features and functions directly from a single platform. Specifications and functions include monitoring all running processes, retrieving system and hardware component information in a concise and detailed manner, low CPU usage and compatibility with almost all versions of the Windows operating system. Wise System Monitor gives a clear list of all processes along with CPU and memory consumption rate and data transfer details.

4- AgaueEye


AgaueEye is a hardware monitoring tool for the Windows platform that allows you to visualize CPU, GPU, MB, HDD and RAM status on the desktop or overclock your GPU. The software also supports in-game overlay for popular games, so you can easily monitor hardware status in games and then review the performance. It is a comprehensive solution and supports popular graphics engines such as OpenGL and DirectX 8, 9,10,11,12.

AgaueEye is a very simple and easy-to-use software solution that you can easily run on your computer to monitor hardware performance, delete unknown files and perform all other related tasks. Monitoring overall hardware performance, customizing elements, FPS limiter, different themes, UI styles, extreme dashboard, etc. It includes basic features such as. Overall, it is an excellent hardware monitoring solution for Windows users.

5- GPU-Z


GPU-Z is a lightweight PC hardware monitoring program that allows users to get vital information about the graphics processes and video card installed in the system. The tool comes with enterprise licensing and users can use it for both personal and commercial use. The software supports NVIDIA, AMD, ATI and Intel graphics cards and comes with a display adapter.

The tool allows users to retrieve GPU and view display adapter related information and can retrieve default clocks and 3D clocks. It also comes with a GPU load test and users can verify the PCI express lane configuration and verify the results.

GPU-Z helps users create a backup of their graphics card’s BIOS and requires no installation and comes with an optional installer feature. The tool tells you everything about the graphics card, from memory size to memory type, from Shaders to Pixel filtrate, from Subvendor to Driver version.

6- SensorsView Pro

SensorsView Pro

SensorsView Pro is a user-friendly PC hardware monitoring program that mainly measures the temperature of the CPU, GPY, VGA, motherboard and hard disk. It also controls the voltages used by each component of the system. It is designed to provide you with important information of your system performance in a real-time environment. By having this system temperature monitoring program, you can instantly access all the data of the system, including voltages used by hardware components, current usage levels of RAM memory, CPU, HDD and network adapters.

It means that all important parts of the system are seamlessly covered by SensorsView Pro. There is no need to install third-party installation package to get full access to all features and functions of these temperature monitoring programs. By default this small utility will appear on the desktop as a small window presenting updated information of the system. Processor temperature is displayed separately for each core. Likewise, it will display processor, memory, HDD usage information on a series of indicators. Moreover, there is a history chart system that shows the temperature of each core on a timeline. You can get a more detailed view of each component by clicking on this chart.

In addition to processor temperature, the chart can also be adjusted to provide data on fans and voltages, as well as HDD and CPU usage.

7- CPUTempWatch


CPUTempWatch is a temperature monitoring program for Windows operating systems to get temperature details of both the processor and other components. The best thing about CPUTempWatch is its compatibility. It supports operation for Intel Core, Core 2, Core i3/i5/i7 and Atom processors. For its simple and user-friendly interface, CPUTempWatch is said to be one of the most useful tools to get temperature monitoring of the most important part of any computer.

By using this application, you can make sure that the PC processor does not disrupt or slow down the system performance. It offers a graphical view of real-time temperature so you can track them for various admin purposes. Since it is a simple and lightweight yet comprehensive system temperature monitoring program, it never sucks up too much memory of your system. In short, what you can’t see with the naked eye or what you don’t know is going on internally in your PC, CPUTempWatch will show you how the hardware part of the PC works. Whether the current temperature of these parts is standard or overheating, you can give them a rest to prevent sudden overheating and eventual crash.

8- CPU Temperature Monitor

CPU Temperature Monitor (also known as CPU Thermometer) is a versatile and compact PC temperature software designed for AMD and Intel-based CPUs. It is a fast and efficient PC temperature monitoring system. If your CPU is getting hot and you want to control its temperature to maintain standard CPU temperature, this tool will help greatly. This real-time temperature monitor has the feature of notifying you when there is a sudden increase in the temperature of the CPU or any other internal hardware.

The detection system relies on thermometer to get an accurate picture of performance and temperature. The best thing about this Monitor is that it continues working in the background, allowing you to do your work comfortably. It will start with Windows startup and display live CPU temperature in the desktop tray icon, so you can get the information at any time without actually opening it. All you need to do is install CPU Temperature Monitor and .NET Framework to let it process.

9- Moo0 System Monitor

Moo0 System Monitor monitors

Moo0 System Monitor monitors a PC-like CPU, disk, GPU, fan, motherboard, etc. It is a multifunctional temperature monitoring program designed for all its parts. It covers all the hardware components installed in the computer, so it will be easy for you to obtain it. Everyone’s temperature details in one central place.

It will allow you to monitor the system resource usage of the PC. Moo0 System Monitor widely covers almost forty types of system information, including knowing about HDD usages, network status, CPU or memory usage related information. Moo0 System Monitor even lets you know the factors limiting system performance on each partition. It’s a free tool to get details about what’s going on on your computer.

It will use a very small amount of your resources so that you can learn the aspects that hijack the system. In this way, you can see your computer from many angles and diagnose your system with its features. There are many features and functions that will allow you to get information regarding every aspect. In addition to analog format, Moo0 System Monitor also displays information in graphical format.



NZXT CAM is a free computer monitoring software that can monitor both CPU and GPU temperature. With the help of this software, you can quickly know load usage over time, memory consumed by each program, storage space information, network speeds, fan temperature, FPS and much more.

Some features are push alerts, ADV line to access internal structure in the form of graphs, real-time statistics, in-game overlay, core temperatures, cloud data and game history. The best thing about NZXT CAM is that it works well while gaming.

The moment you play games, your computer consumes more speed and memory. Using CAM, you can instantly monitor both CPU and GPU temperature at any time. You don’t need to open the CAM every time to know the temperature, because you will be instantly shown an alert in case the components of the PC are not working properly or there is an overheating issue.

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