How to Unlock a Broken Power Key on Android Phone?

How to Unlock a Broken Power Key on Android Phone?

How to Unlock a Broken Android Phone Power Key? You can use your device’s volume buttons to unlock the phone power key that is not working or is broken. Almost every day we lock our Android phone several times a day, and if you calculate it, this number can easily reach a hundred on an average day. Since the power button is used a lot, it is subject to more wear and tear than other normal buttons. Usually within a year this power button loses its feature or you have to press it more often and multiple times to make it work.

How to Unlock a Broken Power Key on Android Phone?

If the power button of your Android phone doesn’t work at all, then it will use the volume up and volume down buttons to unlock the device. For this you will need the app Volume UnLock, which is a program to unlock the phone without the power button. With this app, you can unlock your Android phone using the volume up or volume down buttons.

Program to unlock phone without Power key Volume UnLock use

How to Unlock a Broken Power Key on Android Phone?

Install Volume UnLock on your Android phone. To do this you need to open Android Settings’, then Security and then Device Administrators’.From there, activate the checkmark opposite Volume UnLock in the List. Then complete the process by tapping once on the Activate button at the bottom right.

You can now run the Skin UnLock app and enable or disable all options.

How to Unlock a Broken Power Key on Android Phone?
  • Enable/Disable Sound Power: Activates or deactivates the sound button
  • Start on boot: Start on boot / disable
  • Screen off from notification: Toggle notification screen on/off

After activating these options, you can unlock your phone using either the volume up or volume down buttons. If you lock the phone screen using the power button, you can unlock your screen again using the volume buttons.

How to turn on a phone with a broken on/off key (iOS):

If the phone with the broken power button has an iOS operating system, i.e. you have an iPhone phone, the process is very simple. Apple has provided a user-friendly method when you encounter such a problem. All you need is your charger’s power adapter and USB cable. Plug your powered off device into the charger and you will see that the device turns on. If there is no power adapter and you only have a USB cable, the power button will also turn on when the phone with the broken on/off power button is connected to the computer via USB cable.


If the power button on your Android or iOS phone is broken, you can use this excellent Android app to lock and unlock the phone’s power button and turn your Android device back on using the volume buttons. For iOS, you can also use an iPhone with a broken power button by performing the above operations on your phone.

Volume UnLock for Android is available in the Google Play Store.

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