How to Scan QR Code on WeChat?

How to Scan QR Code on WeChat? 1

Did you know that you can take advantage of using a QR code on WeChat? So how do you scan a QR code? What can you do with this code? Here are the details!

WeChat, known as one of the China-based social media applications, offers many advantageous features to its users with its QR code application.

These include options such as quickly adding new contacts, receiving payments, and defining promotions. In this article, we examine WeChat QR code functions that provide convenience for both companies and individual users.

How to read WeChat QR Code and generate QR Code on the app? What exactly do these codes do? Here are the details!

What Does a WeChat QR Code Do?

In apps like WhatsApp, you may be adding people with a phone number, username and email address. There is an easier way to do this on WeChat. You can scan any friend’s QR code into the app and instantly start a new messaging with them.

You can also use this feature to create creative solutions for your business. You can create a QR code to promote your company’s WeTransfer account and print it on promotional products such as business cards, brochures and flyers.

People who read this code will directly access your company page. It’s a good idea to create an effective advertising campaign. You can also create a QR code and share it with your customers to get paid quickly for a product or service you sell.

The list of things you can do with a QR code can be expanded depending on your imagination. So, how to create and scan this code in WeTransfer? We explain step by step!

How to Scan QR Code on WeChat? 2
How to Scan QR Code on WeChat?

How to Create QR on WeChat

How to Create a QR Code on WeChat?
You can easily create a QR code for your personal or business account on WeChat. For this, you need to use a helpful tool like WeChat QR Code Generator. You can briefly follow these steps for code generation:

  • Go to the messages screen in WeChat.
  • Click on the button that looks like three dots.
  • You should see a URL for your profile.
  • You can create a QR sticker for your profile by copying this URL into a tool of your choice to create a QR.

How to Scan QR on WeChat?

  • Log in to the WeChat app.
  • Click on the “Discover” option on the main screen.
  • Click the “Scan QR Code” button in the menu that opens.
  • You will see that the camera opens.
  • Bring your camera closer to the QR code you want to scan and ensure that the image is centered and sharpened.
  • This will complete the code scanning process. You can proceed by clicking on the link that this code directs you to.


WeChat is a popular social network and a popular way to send and receive money using the WeChat Pay payment platform. Payments are easily made using a QR code. The process is very simple. The merchant generates a QR code that the customer scans to get information about the product and payment. The customer easily completes the purchase. The money can be sent to the seller automatically.

WeChat is a popular app not only in China but also around the world. QR codes are one of the many features WeChat offers. How to scan a QR code on WeChat and how to create a QR code can be found here with easy steps.

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