How to Report Bad Websites to Google in Firefox

How to Report Bad Websites to Google in Firefox Google uses an online service called Safe Browsing. For example, when you visit a phishing malicious website in Firefox, you will see a warning page informing you that the website you are trying to visit is harmful. You have options to skip this warning or return to previous web pages. If you have visited a harmful or malicious website and Firefox does not show any warning, you can report that website as deceptive.

How to Report Bad Websites to Google in Firefox

If a website is not reported Google does not automatically add it to the blacklist of the Safe Browsing service. Google examines reported websites or URLs of harmful content using its special algorithms. If and only if harmful content is found, the website is reported to be malicious. Furthermore, the next time Google examines it if it finds the site clean, it will again change the status of that website.

Anyway, you can follow the steps below on how you can report a deceptive website in Mozilla Firefox;

  • Click the top right corner icon (looks like three horizontal lines) to open the menu.
  • Select the Open Help icon from the menu to open another menu.
  • From the Help menu, select “report deceptive site”.

A new web page will open. Here you can enter the URL of the deceptive website. You can also add your own comments. Then click on the Send Report button.

Google will analyze whether there is deceptive behavior on this website. If it finds bad behavior, it will be added to the list of deceptive sites. But the site will be checked periodically again and again in the future. And if it is later found that the website is no longer deceptive, that warning will be removed.

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