How to Move an Application to SD Card? [Android]

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How to Move Apps to SD Card? [Android] – While flagship phones offer high-capacity storage, mid-segment phones still offer low storage. Fortunately, many phones now offer microSD card support. If your smartphone is running low on storage, you can move apps to the SD card to free up space on your phone. You can also use the microSD card as internal storage if you’re using Android Marshmallow and later. So it’s best to leave some storage free so that the phone can run smoothly.

How to migrate an application to SD Card?

Many Android phones have the option of SD card slot, so you can easily transfer some apps to SD card. Many SD cards for Android are available in the market. However, it should be noted that you cannot move all  apps to SD card and it depends on the type of phone you are using and the app developer. You need to know that pre-installed apps are not moved to SD card. There are some apps that can be moved to SD card, but they may not work properly after being moved.

Below are the steps to move applications on Android phones to SD card

Method 1:

The first method is very simple to implement and you don’t need to download another third-party tool to complete the transfer process smoothly.

  • From the main screen, click on ‘settings’.
  • Then click on ‘App manager’ which displays all downloaded and pre-installed apps on the device.
  • Click on a specific app to move this app to SD to move it. When you click, all the details of that app are shown.
  • Tap the ‘Move to SD card’ button and successfully transfer the app to the SD card That’s it. The time required will depend entirely on the size of the app. The same process must be followed for each app you want to move to the SD card.

But you cannot move all apps in this process. The non-moving app will have a grayed out ‘Move to SD card’ button indicating that it cannot be moved to SD card.

Method 2:

In this method you will learn how to download apps to SD card using a third party application. This third party application is used to show you which apps are portable and which are not.The dedicated app is not used to automate the process, it speeds up the process of transferring application to SD card by letting you know what can be moved beforehand. The advantage is that you don’t need to check all apps separately in the settings.

AppMgr III  is an application used to know which applications can be moved to the SD card.  Download the application and click on the ‘Moving’ option in the main interface.  This will show you all the applications that can be moved to the SD card.

All you have to do is click on the app one by one and press the ‘Move to SD card’ button to transfer the app to the SD card.

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