How to Increase Google Drive Storage?

How to increase Google Drive storage space? Are you a student who needs to have all your homework and papers in one place?...

How to increase Google Drive storage space? Are you a student who needs to have all your homework and papers in one place? Are you a businessman who wants to keep everything in order, but is missing some space on your Google Drive? Or are you a simple guy who stores all your family pictures and videos on his Google Drive and needs some more space for all the future memories and moments. There is no need to worry at all, there are several ways to get a little more space for your files in your Google Drive. We will do our best to give you a detailed explanation about the different ways on how you can get a little more storage space in your Google Drive account.

How to Increase Google Drive Storage

Review your email first

Believe it or not, the emails you receive or send through Gmail take up a little more space on your Google Drive. So clean up your email that’s taking up unnecessary space. For this, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Gmail account and browse through your emails, you will find some emails that are unnecessary, throw them in the trash. Select the emails that are no longer important to you and delete them.
  • Check your spam folder. If there is no mail you need in that folder, delete it completely.

When you have completed the deletion and sorted all your emails, all you need to do is empty your trash. If you don’t empty it, it won’t have any effect and your Google Drive space will remain the same.

How to increase Google Drive storage for students

Students can get free and unlimited space on Google Drive. If you use a GSuite account for your studies, you can get more storage space through your school/university.

Buy more space

Google Drive Depolama Alanı Arttırma Nasıl Yapılır

If you want to have more space on your Google Drive and you’re willing to pay a little bit of money for it, you can increase your storage space. You use Google One, which is a platform that you get if you upgrade your Google Drive. The cost of upgrading varies. It can be two US dollars for a year if you’re buying 100 GB, or much more if you want to get several TB. Of course you pay all these fees monthly for a year.If you have a Google One subscription, you can also share it with up to five members of your family or friends. Each individual gets their own space on their own account, they don’t use yours, you just have to connect them to yours and you’re all set. You can always share the cost charges with your friends. For example, you might want to buy 2 TB of free space, which is $100 a year.

Free up your Drive space

If you want to free up some more space on your Drive and don’t want to pay extra money, you can always browse your documents and delete the ones you don’t use or don’t need anymore. Check all your documents in order and delete the unnecessary ones. You can even organize some folders if you want. With Winrar you can compress your files and make them take up much less space.

In this article, we explained how to increase Google Drive storage space, I hope it was a clear and useful article. If you have any questions about the subject, you can send it to us by writing it in the comments.

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