How to Find Accounts Impersonating You on Instagram

How to Find Accounts Impersonating You on Instagram 1

How Can You Find Accounts Impersonating You on Instagram? No more stolen content and copycat accounts on Instagram! With this feature, you can easily find those who are imitating your content and profile!

Instagram continues to update user experience, account security, privacy and many other areas. The majority of users complain about fake accounts!

Content thieves, especially those who imitate some accounts, manage to significantly annoy account owners. At this point, Instagram aims to both reveal fake accounts and prevent content theft by offering a new service.

In addition to this feature, there is also third-party software you can use to find accounts that are impersonating you on Instagram. So, how to find copycat accounts on Instagram? How to report unauthorized content shared by these accounts? Let’s take a look together.

How to Find an Instagram Fake Account?

There is a new feature that Instagram has just given access to a limited number of users. This feature allows Instagram to identify and list accounts that share your content without permission and persistently.

When this happens, the new feature sends you a notification. You can easily view the accounts in this notification that are using your content without permission and file a complaint about the stolen content.

When using this feature, which brings a solution to the issue of finding Instagram fake accounts, if the person in front of you continues to repeat the same process, the application removes the posts of this person in line with the complaints you create.

It even ensures that this account is closed if necessary. Thus, we can say that Instagram now supports us in getting rid of fake accounts.

How to Find Accounts Impersonating You on Instagram 2

How to Find Accounts Impersonating You on Instagram

How to Close Instagram Impersonation Account?

In order to close accounts opened in your name on Instagram, you must first request support from the application and create complaints about this person’s profile.

If you do not get a result or if you legally complain about this person, you need to write a petition to the prosecutor’s office. It is useful to support your petition with visual evidence to close this account and eliminate the material / moral damage it has caused.

Having a fake account opened in your name and communicating with other people through this account can cause various victimizations. Therefore, when you notice an account that impersonates you or someone else, it is of great importance for the safety of both you and other users to contribute to taking the necessary measures.

Do you think this new feature offered by Instagram will prevent content theft? Can the number of copycat accounts be reduced in this way? Share your thoughts with us!

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