How to Control a Computer with an Android Phone?

How to Control a Computer with an Android Phone?

How to Control a Computer with an Android Phone? One of the benefits of having a big computer screen is that you can sit on your couch and enjoy Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and even movies like you would enjoy buttered popcorn. But the problem is that when something needs to be changed (like volume, aspect ratio, brightness), we have to get up and manually change the settings that make watching movies fun. If you don’t have a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard, you can instantly turn your Android smartphone into a wireless keyboard and mouse using the free remote access app.

How to Control a Computer with an Android Phone?

Remote Mouse uses the existing WiFi network used by your desktop computer and smartphone, sending keys and mouse movements from the smart tone to your desktop computer. It works compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. You can use the app on your iPhone and Android-based smartphone.

The first step is to download and install the PC software for the Remote Mouse, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS. After installing this software on Windows you can see its icon in the system tray. You can right-click on it to see the IP address assigned to your computer in the WLAN on the desktop. This IP address will then be used to identify your computer in the remote mouse application.

Program to remotely control the computer with Android Phone

The second step, obviously, is installing the Remote Mouse app on your smartphone. In our case, we installed it on an Android phone running on Android Kitkat. When first launched it shows you its basic operations – one-click tap, double-click twice, two finger taps for right-click, two finger swipes for up-down scrolling, etc. These operations, like some of them, require a multi-touch screen, so you need to have a multi-touch device for them to work.

Then, it will show you a list of computers you can connect to (all the computers you have installed Remote Mouse software on). You can choose any of them to connect to identify them by their IP address. It also makes it easy to connect to a PC by scanning the QR code of that PC (the QR code contains the WLAN IP address of that PC).

The rest is easy. You can use the keyboard to type on your desktop PC, control it using the mouse with your finger in the green area, and you can make finger gestures for mouse-related operations. The best part is that, unlike a wireless keyboard or wireless mouse that uses IR sensors, the smartphone Remote Mouse does not need to be in line of sight of your desktop PC. In fact, if you are receiving the WiFi signal, you can control your PC while you are in a different room outside your home or on a different floor of the building for it to work.

It shows shortcuts to different apps you’ve recently used and you can tap their icons to launch them quickly. For example, in the screenshot below, it shows some of the programs I’ve used in the last few days on a Windows 8 PC. I can tap Firefox to launch them remotely using the remote mouse app, type in a website address and browse to that site.

The app also allows you to download other plugins with which you can control a media player much more conveniently and use the Fn keys easily. It also has a shutdown section that allows you to shutdown, sleep, reboot or remotely shut down your Windows PC. This is great if you’re sleepy after watching a Charles Bronson movie on Netflix and don’t want to get out of bed.


Remote Mouse software turns your Android smartphone into a wireless keyboard and mouse combination, so you can use your smartphone to control your Windows PC from anywhere within WiFi signal range. There is also a version that works on iPhone and Mac OS.

You can download Remote Mouse from its website.

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