How to Colorize Old Black and White Photos

How do you colorize black and white photos? If you have photos of your grandparents or some old pictures, they are likely all grayscale photos – known as black and white photos to the public. If you want to colorize these old black and white photos yourself, you can probably do this with software like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. The only problem is that you need to be quite experienced to match the colors you choose to fill different objects in these photos.

How to Colorize Old Black and White Photos

However, with the help of artificial intelligence today, you can automatically colorizeblack and white photos in just a few seconds. ColouriseSG offers a service to automatically colorize black and white photos on its website. You can visit this website and upload your grayscale photos here. The site only supports images in JPEG format, and since everything is done by artificial intelligence, you don’t need to do any additional processing.

How to Colorize Old Black and White Photos

How to Colorize Black and WhitePhotos
In the blink of an eye, it presents you with the results. You can see your original grayscale image and your new colorized image side by side. All colors for different parts of the image are gathered with artificial intelligence using deep learning technology. Options are provided for comparing or downloading the colorized image to your local storage drive.

The original image and the colorized image do not differ much in file size. The colorized image with the use of artificial intelligence is very well colorized; while giving a vintage style color to black and white images older than the 1940s, newly saved grayscale images have modern-looking bright colors.

According to information provided by ColouriseSG, deep learning artificial intelligence works better on high-resolution images with human subjects and natural scenery. If you upload pictures of cats, it might not work as well.

You can visit the ColouriseSG website at

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