How to Charge a Phone with Another Phone?

How to Charge a Phone with Another Phone? Yesterday, when I was using the Metro to go to my workplace, I met a young girl who was constantly waving her thumbs with her smartphone. I didn’t know what she was doing but she seemed to be busy sending texts or comments on facebook. Then suddenly she stopped using her phone and looked very sad. So out of kindness and being a good Samaritan, when I asked her why she was upset. She replied that she was texting her father who was staying in the hospital awaiting a serious heart surgery and that her phone was out of battery. I don’t always set out without fully charging my own phone. I shared my phone’s charge with the girl herself using an OTG cable. Within fifteen minutes, her phone was 25% charged.

How to Charge a Phone with Another Phone?

If you also find yourself or someone else in a similar situation, you can transfer charge between two Android mobile devices. I haven’t tried this with the iPhone. I know this feature doesn’t work because the iPhone doesn’t support the OTG cable. I actually connected an OTG cable to my old iPhone phone, but the phone turned itself off.

To share the phone charge you need a regular data/charging cable and a standard USB OTG Host cable, which you use by connecting your smartphone to your PC. If you don’t have an OTG host cable, you can buy them very cheaply at any mobile store or online shopping sites.

When everything is ready, connect the USB data cable to one of the phones. Connect the USB OTG host cable to the other phone. And finally plug the two cables together. You will notice that the phone with the Moreaz charge level starts charging. The charging process will continue until the charge level of both phones is almost the same.

While phone-to-phone Charge sharing is important in emergencies, you shouldn’t do it unless you have to, as it can heat up and damage components on your smartphone.

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