8 Best Android Navigation Apps

8 Best Android Navigation Apps -Hilalay.com

The best navigation app: While smartphones and navigation devices were not so common before, today’s technology has made it easy to fit almost the entire map of the world in a pocket with the Android Navigation App. There are even very successful Android navigation apps that you can use on smartphones without even needing navigation devices. In fact, they all use the same function and we have collected these navigation applications for you, which offer many features such as maps,  directions.

Best Android Navigation Apps

1- MapFactor

en iyi navigasyon uygulaması android

MapFactor navigation app, which you can download and use for free for Android devices, offers many details and comprehensive features that also attract users’ attention. The app has voice prompts and guidance, the ability to switch to modes such as 2D and 3D, day and night modes, adding places to favorites, car or pedestrian mode. Another feature of this Android navigation app is that it finds places quickly and shows the appropriate routes.

2- Maps.Me

en iyi navigasyon uygulaması android

Maps.Me, which is on the list of Android Navigation applications, comes with a very comprehensive and detailed set of options. The best feature of this application is that it can download the map of your destination to your device before you set off, so you can use the map without the need for internet & Gprs. The application allows you to easily see the eating / drinking places, entertainment areas, shopping centers, health centers, gas stations, banks and transportation areas in the city on the map. If you wish, you can download the trial version first and then pay a fee and use it as Pro.

3- Maverick GPS Navigation

en iyi navigasyon uygulaması android

Maverick application is a different and offline navigation tool that you can use without the need for an internet connection, but you have the chance to download and use it for free. This app has been developed for a much different purpose than driving a car. In other words, apart from using the application in traffic, it is available for activities such as hiking and off-road. With the app you can download the necessary maps before you start your hiking or other activities, so you can take precautions to avoid getting lost in places where there is no internet reception.

Osmand GPS Navigation

8 Best Android Navigation Apps

The OsmAnd OsmAnd app, which you can download for free and is available as an open source Android Navigation App, allows you to get where you want to go quickly and easily. The app has many options such as voice guide, estimated time of arrival calculation, automatic recalculation when deviating from the path, region or address search, saving specified addresses to favorites.

5- Polaris GPS Navigation

en iyi navigasyon uygulaması android

The Polaris app, which you can download for free for Android, is one of the successful Android navigation apps that turns your mobile phone into a handy navigation device. Again, this app has been developed for car use as well as for off road walks and activities, so there are many different options. However, the app uses Google Maps, MapQuest, OpenStreetMaps and Cycle Route maps. The app features also include the ability to save routes, store maps for offline access, select map source, send locations via email or sms, voice guide and unit customization.

6- Sygic navigation

en iyi navigasyon uygulaması android

Sygic, which we can say is quite successful among Android navigation applications, is one of the other android applications that allows you to easily reach your destination using the Gps on your phone.The application, which offers 3D / 2D options, is one of the most important map features is that it supports (Tom-Tom) maps and provides voice directions. You can also put your cell phone on the front of the car and use it like a navigation device to follow your route on the reflected screen.

7- Waze navigation

8 Best Android Navigation Apps

Waze, the Android navigation app, is a navigation tool that looks more social than others and offers services almost like social networks. You can also communicate with other drivers through the app. You can also see traffic information in real time, report information about traffic accidents, dangerous places and other incidents, and warn you about destinations. With this Android navigation app you can communicate with other drivers using the same route as you, saving you both money and fuel.

8- Yandex navigation

8 Best Android Navigation Apps

Among the Android navigation applications mentioned above, another application that is impossible to pass without mentioning its name is the Yandex Navigation application. With this application, it gives you directions instantly according to the traffic situation and allows you to reach your destination quickly. It is one of the applications that attracts attention with its very simple and user-friendly interface.

You can also search for addresses with a tap, zoom out or zoom in on the map, helping you drive more carefully. At the same time, you can easily reach gas stations, restaurants, car services in the surrounding area with the application and use options such as voice directions, allowing you to use your car comfortably.

In this list of the 8 best Android navigation Apps, we didn’t need Google Maps as we have shared it in previous articles.

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