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Remote Control App for Android – Every time you look at the latest smartphone models, there are new things to see. Manufacturers are certainly not idle – they are adding as many features to smartphones as possible.

Many of the Android based smartphones come with infrared LEDs that allow your smartphone to be used as a remote control for your TV, music system, DVD player, TV set-top box, air conditioner and basically any device that requires infrared communication. This is not only useful when your regular TV remote is lost, but it also gives you universal remote control for all compatible devices.

Download Remote Control

Download Remote Control
Remote Control

Using an Android phone as a remote control

However, even if your Android smartphone didn’t come with an infrared LED, you can still buy an inexpensive infrared gadget that you can connect to your phone’s 3.5mm jack and turn it into a remote control. These infrared LED devices are available for $5 to $10 US dollars depending on the quality. And if you are an electronics hobbyist, you can make it yourself using dozens of online schematics. The picture below shows a commercial infrared remote control device and a simple schematic that can be used to make such a device.

If you have a smartphone with a built-in infrared LED, then it should come with its own remote control app. However, if you are using a third-party device, you can download an app like IR Universal Remote from the PlayStore. The IR Remote app can be used to control all different types of TVs, music systems, air cons, etc.

By default, the Infrared Universal Remote uses the Samsung TV keypad format, but you can easily select one of the device remote control layouts you support from the settings. You can choose from TV remotes, cable set-top box remotes, aircon remotes, music system remotes and many different types of remote controls. You can customize remotes and save them to the database.

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When your smartphone is in your pocket, you don’t have to really look for your TV or air conditioner remotes. You can use your Android phone as your universal remotes. All it takes is a small IR device and a simple IR Universal Remote app.

To try the Smart IR Remote app for Android, visit Google Play Store.

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