How to Convert Photos to PDF on iPhone

How to Convert Photos to PDF on iPhone iPhones store a large number of image types. Photos taken with the camera are saved in HEIC format, screenshots are saved as PNG, and most images downloaded from the internet are in JPG format.

These formats are compatible on most major platforms, but from time to time it may be necessary to insert them into any working or training document in PDF format.

How to Convert Photos to PDF on iPhone

Most people who want to convert photos to PDF immediately look for third-party apps, not realizing that this can be done with native iOS tools. Not only is the functionality to do this built directly into the operating system, but there are multiple ways to accomplish this goal.

Let’s take a look at three quick and simple methods that allow you to convert a photo to PDF on your iPhone:

How to Convert iPhone Photos to PDF with Files App

This is a very simple way to not only convert images to PDF format, but to convert multiple images at once using only the Photos app, which is available on every iPhone device.

1. To apply this method, you just need to enter the iPhone’s Photos app and click on the  Select option in the upper right corner  . This will allow you to click on the pictures you want to convert by selecting one or several of them.

2. Once all images are selected, tap the share icon  (an open square at the top with an arrow pointing upwards). A menu with a wide variety of sharing methods will appear.

3. Once done, scroll up until you see the Save to Files option in the list and select it. You will be presented with a list of options where you will want to save this file, so select On my iPhone .

4. To create a new folder for your saved file, click on the folder with the plus sign in the upper right corner and give it a name or select a destination folder you are comfortable with from the list.

5. With the folder selected, click the Save icon at the top right, the selected images will be saved to the selected destination.

6. Now, enter your  Files app and browse to the folder where you just saved your files. Select the files you need to convert, then select the three dots in the blue circle in the bottom right blue circle.

7. You will be presented with a menu that will allow you to perform several operations with these files, including copying, compressing and now the file of your choice: Create PDF.

PDFs will be created (although not immediately, but after 5 to 10 seconds. Files will be converted according to their file names.

Convert with Photos App

If you want an even faster way to convert your images to PDF format, start again in the Photos app.

1. As in the first method, select the image you want to convert (press Select if you are trying to convert multiples).

2. Once all interesting items have been selected, click on the Share icon (the box with the arrow protruding upwards) and select Print from the options presented.

3. Print  button, you will need to make a “zoom” gesture on the image on the screen by pulling it in two directions with your fingers.

4. Motion will instantly convert your image to PDF format.

5. You can then click on the  share icon on this screen and be directed to save or print the PDF to the  Files app to save or print.

Convert with Apple Books App

This method is not often talked about, but it is just as effective and similar in nature as the others, but probably even simpler. With this method, you can take advantage of the features in the Apple Books app to convert images to PDF.

1. Select the images to be converted starting from the Photos app on your iPhone, then tap the share icon mentioned earlier.

2. From the options to share options, click the box with the three dots under  More. Then, from the list of suggestions, select  Books.

When you select this option, the file(s) you select will be automatically converted to PDF format and opened as in the Books app on your device.

When you explore your library collection, you will be able to find newly created PDF images underneath it.

If you have iCloud sync turned on on your iPhone, you can access these PDF files on other devices.


Whichever method you choose to use, converting images to PDF on iPhone is incredibly simple and does not require the use of third-party software.

Of course, if you prefer to do that, there are definitely a couple of great third-party apps like Photo to PDF Converter and Scanner & Photos to PDF: Browser Converter. These apps also allow you to quickly and efficiently convert your photos into PDF files.

Some apps require you to pay for the full version, which may not be worth it as there are multiple native iPhone methods to perform the same operation with comparable results.

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