How to Clean Unnecessary Files on Android?

How to Clean Unnecessary Files on Android?

How to clean junk files on Android phones? WashAndGo Mobile: Smartphone users install too many applications in a short time. Of course, because this space fills up quite quickly, they complain that they are running out of phone space. And their concerns are not entirely unnecessary. Even though the phone is only a few days old, it still persists.

I’ve had trouble with this dilemma many times when the Android user space gets heavy like ether in thin air. Accumulating junk files, installing unnecessary apps and filling up the cache. There are many reasons for this, including being held up by some apps like Chrome and Firefox.

How to Clean Unnecessary Files on Android?

The free WashAndGo Mobile app can save you from all these problems by easily and quickly removing all the tricks that claim all the useful user space on your Android device. In addition, it can improve your privacy by clearing your browser’s cache, phone calls and other logs. It can help you uninstall unwanted applications to free up space and can alert you when your system is overloaded or running with low disk space.

The Trash Finder module searches your Android device’s storage for orphaned files left behind, such as temporary files created by various apps, uninstalled apps, and so on. These files can be deleted to recover storage space. Privacy Cleaner module helps you clean call logs, SMS messages, and browser cache to erase your device’s usage fingerprints.

The App Manager module makes it easy to uninstall installed apps on your Android device. The System Monitor module monitors your device and notifies you when you run out of storage, the CPU is under high load, there is app cache that can be cleared, and a general reminder to clean the phone at regular intervals.

In the WashAndGo Mobile settings, you can choose after how many days files can be selected to be deleted (by default, files can be deleted 7 days after they are created). You can add apps to the ignore list and change the appearance of notifications.


WashAndGo Mobile can help keep your Android phone clean and running smoothly by wiping the trash, clearing app caches, and notifying you when your device gets attention.

WashAndGo Mobile Google Play Store . I hope it has been a useful topic. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the application with us.

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