How to Change WiFi IP Address on Android

How to Change WiFi IP Address on Android

In this article you will find answers to questions such as How to Change WiFi IP Address on Android or How to change Wi-Fi IP address on Android devices.

When you connect to a wireless network with your Android smartphone, an IP address is automatically assigned by that network. This is because the Android smartphone is configured to use the DHCP server by default. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which allows the server to automatically assign an IP address and DNS server for the host that connects to the wireless network. However, if you want to change your IP address on Android, all you need to do is switch from the DHCP setting to the static IP address setting for WiFi connection.

How to Change WiFi IP Address on Android

Here’s how you can change the WiFi IP address on Android:

  1. Open the system settings on your Android smartphone. Under  Wireless and Networks section, turn on WiFi by tapping on the flipping the switch graphic and then tap on WiFi option. This will display all available WiFi networks in your vicinity.
  2. In the list of WiFi connections shown, tap one of the networks whose IP address you want to change. Then, on the screen that appears, select  Change .
  3. Various settings for the selected network will open. Check the checkbox labeled  Show advanced options . In the advanced options, under IPv4 Settings change DHCP to Static . This allows you to change the IP address. 
  4. Now you can change the IPv4 address anywhere in the range specified by the selected wireless network. Usually, it is between –, but you should not set an overlapping IP address.
  5. That’s it. When you connect to the selected wireless network, you are set to use the IP address you manually entered yourself.


Assigning a static IP address for a wireless connection on Android does a very good job for Wi-Fi routers you own or have in your office. But for public WiFi networks, it’s not always possible to choose the IP address that many people have used before. In the case of public WiFi networks, it’s a good idea to stick with DHCP settings for wireless connections on Android.

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