How to Block Android Data Saving Apps

How to Block Android Data Saving Apps

How to Block Android Data Saving Apps  We have previously written an article about the data saving features in various web browsers available on the Android platform. Google Chrome web browser for Android, Opera browser had similar options interface mode with the name of data saving reduction options.

I’m going to talk about a free VPN app called Opera Max that can provide data saving features to all the apps on your Android device. Opera Max app can save internet bandwidth by using a VPN server to save downloaded data, i.e. internet usage. It can also block any app or apps from accessing the Internet.

How to Block Android Data Saving Apps

Opera Max is basically a VPN app, but it doesn’t have any VPN apps in it. For example, you can choose the VPN server of your preference. Once you install Opera Max, you can reduce and enable data consumption. From the app’s menu, you can block mobile usage, WiFi usage and apps’ internet access. You can also see how much internet apps consume when using mobile or WiFi.

Opera Max’s feature blocking is also very useful and can reduce data consumption if some applications are downloading too much data. In the Opera Max app settings, it also gives you the option of how often to compress images and videos to reduce data consumption. If you choose higher compression (saving), it will reduce the quality of the images or videos. You can choose the data saving settings you are happy with.

As a result, if you connect to the Internet via WiFi or mobile network,
Opera Max can help you reduce data consumption and prevent apps from accessing the Internet. If you have a small data package provided by your mobile network, you can use Opera Max.

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