Delete Unnecessary Files and Increase Android Storage

Delete Unnecessary Files and Increase Android Storage

Delete Unnecessary Files and Increase Android Storage – The number one reason why file storage space on your Android device is gradually disappearing is because you have multiple duplicate files on your device. These duplicate files can accumulate on your device for a variety of reasons – if you’ve copied your music collection multiple times, downloaded a file multiple times instead of reusing the previously downloaded file, stored some form of backup or another. on. Surprisingly, some of these duplicated files are not actually necessary or useful for your device to function. They may have been files that were once necessary, but they may not be any older than they are useful.

Delete unnecessary files Increase Android storage space

To find such files, you need a special application that can detect and retrieve one of these duplicate files. The free Duplicate File Finder app is one such application that can help you search for similar files and remove one of them.

Duplicate File Finder

The app starts with a large scan button that you can tap to start the scan. There are no bells and whistles in the scanning process and just a text-based progress of all scanned files is shown. After all the files have gone through, it shows if any sets of identical files are detected. You can select one or all files from each of the same file sets and tap the split icon to get rid of them.

In the app’s settings, you can choose whether you want to scan image copies or video copies. Since video files are generally larger, it will take a little longer if you choose to scan the same video files. You can also control how many times you need to run the recurring search in the background.

In conclusion;

Duplicate files can be easily detected and destroyed on your Android device using the Duplicate File Finder tool. It can search for all types of duplicate files, including music, video and image files.

You can get the Duplicate File Finder program from the Google Play Store.

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