Best Selfie Apps for iPone

Best Selfie Apps for iPone – Touching on the question of which are the best selfie applications, we did some research and made popular iOS selfie applications for you about review. We offer you applications developed for selfie enthusiasts, which are actively shared through the same area with subcategories such as Instagram like picture sharing and are developed for selfie enthusiasts. here are the best selfie applications for IOS.

Best Selfie Apps for iOS

1. VideoSelfie

Best Selfie Apps for iPone

VideoSelfie is one of those apps that focuses on video selfies rather than photos, as the name suggests. Using this tool, you can take video selfies and make them more perfect, like stickers. You can also record videos in GIF format and share them on different social networks. This application also offers the possibility to add music, audio and video. If you want to take shorter videos and share them in GIF format with other users on sharing media VideoSelfie.

2. Selfie Photo Editor

Selfie Photo Editor

It is the most common selfie editing application used on devices with iOS system. With many features,  Selfie Photo Editor is available completely free of charge for users. If we count the features of the application, it offers us the options to smooth skin, whiten teeth, change eye color, change eyebrows and add eyeliner. These equations cover the entire area of attention in a selfie image, so users can take perfect close-ups. If you have small blemishes on your skin or want to take much smoother images Selfie Photo Editor the app is for you.

Best Selfie Apps for iPhone

3. Camera

En İyi Selfie Uygulamaları İOS Camera +

Camera + is a free app that will win the favor of users for taking engaging and great photos. It also has a comprehensive filter and visual effects feature. Camera + gives you the option to create photos that will be appreciated by other users in sharing environments. What makes this app so desirable is the ability to add effects and filters simultaneously. After shooting, you can edit the photos without any effort. Thus, you will both prevent the loss of time and show us the results of the process quickly. If you spend a lot of time on Instagram and have a passion for taking selfie photos, Camera + the application will do more than enough for you.

4. Ghost Lens

Best Selfie Apps for iPone

You can edit both photos and videos, and at the same time, you can add a ghost effect to your video or photos with the  Ghost Lens application to make it perfect. Ghost Lens application has more than 130 filters and effects. Capable of shooting up to 30 minutes of video, you can share your edited images on social media networks such as  FacebookSnapchatInstagram and  Twitter .

5. Selfiest

En İyi Selfie Uygulamaları İOS Selfiest

The selfie selfiest application which is offered to users for free helps to create stunning photos from each other. Selfiest Selfiest application with a structure reminiscent of Instagram appearance and all filters are located at the bottom of the screen. Thus, we can instantly add them to photos by clicking on the one we want. Another feature of Selfiest is that it establishes social communication between users and allows them to interact with each other. In other words, you can share the photo you have taken with other users through Selfiest and see the photos they have shared.

I introduced you the 5 Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and I hope it was useful.

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