“Unfortunately Bluetooth has stopped” Error on Android

Bluetooth stopped error on Android devices and how to fix it? Last night, I encountered another Android update message. So, I chose to start the update and put it to sleep thinking that I would use the newly updated version in the morning. I don’t know what happened during the night, but when I tried to use the phone in the morning, I started getting errors – “Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped” and “Unfortunately, the com.android.phone process has stopped”. I was overwhelmed by the constant error messages, and no matter what I did, the phone kept popping up one after another. I spent my time in the afternoon looking for solutions to find possible causes of this problem and found out that there are two ways to solve the problem.

How to Fix “Unfortunately Bluetooth Stopped” Error on Android

Method 1

  1. Open Android System Settings and under the Device section select Apps .
  2. On the Apps screen, switch to the All Apps section and select the app or process causing the problem.
  3. On the app information screen for that app, tap the Clear Data button to delete all invalid data for that app.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all apps or processes causing errors, and then restart your phone.

Method 2

  1. Turn off the Android phone. If you cannot turn off the phone, throw the battery out and put it back in after five seconds.
  2. Press the key combination to enter recovery mode. The key combination varies from one phone to another. Some of the popular key combinations are  Power + VolUp or Power + VolUp + VolDown  but you need to check online which one works for your phone model.
  3. When you are in recovery mode, you can choose  to erase user data options to reset/ factory device to reset.
  4. Restart your phone and it will work like new.

Conclusion: Android may encounter errors after a system update related to apps and processes. However, you can resolve this issue by clearing app-specific data or completing a data reset.

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