No Sim Card How to Fix Samsung Sim Card Not Detected?

There are various reasons for the No Sim Card or sim card not detected error on your Android smartphone. One of the most likely causes is that the Sim card is not inserted correctly in your Samsung device or your Android device has a software issue that causes the No Sim Card error. If your Samsung phone is not detecting the Sim card, you will find some fixes for this in our article that can help you.

Android No Sim Card Error Samsung Sim Card Not Detected

If the Sim card error is caused by software or an app, restarting your phone may be enough to fix the problem. Long press the Power button on your Samsung phone and when the “Restart” option appears, turn it off by tapping it with your finger and restart the phone.

When your Android phone turns on, it will try to connect to the service provider it is registered with, wait and then check if the No sim card error has been fixed. If the problem still persists, keep trying the other methods below.

Remove Sim Card and Battery

Another thing you should try is to remove the Battery and Sim card if the battery is removed from your Samsung phone. Remember that the phone must be turned off before you do this, so it will be healthier if you do this with the phone turned off. Remove the battery and Sim card, wait for about a minute or so, then reinsert the Sim card and Battery.

The Sim card slot may have become loose. One of the methods that most users have tried is to use materials such as paper or thin plastic to fit the Sim card into the slot, and most of the time these methods have eliminated this problem by making the Sim card tight. However, you have to be precise when doing this or you may damage the sim slot.

Boot Your Phone in Safe Mode

Not every app is safe and performant. Especially in the Android Google Play Store, there are many unnecessary applications. These apps can cause no sim card error. To find out if the problem is caused by an app, start your Samsung device in safe mode.

No Sim Card How to Fix Samsung Sim Card Not Detected?
No Sim Card How to Fix Samsung Sim Card Not Detected?

To turn on an Android phone in safe mode, press and hold the on/off button and when the Restart, Shutdown and Airplane Mode options appear, remove your hand from the button. Press and hold “Shutdown” and when the Restart in safe mode option appears on the screen, tap OK to turn your phone on in safe mode.

Leave your device in safe mode for a while and check if the problem still persists. If you don’t get any errors while in safe mode, try to remember the last apps you installed on your phone and uninstall them if possible. Then log out of safe mode and see if the problem is fixed.

Put Phone in Airplane Mode

If you have tried all the above methods and you are sure that there is no error with the Sim card, it is worth trying the Airplane mode option. Open the quick menu by swiping down from the top of the phone screen.

No Sim Card How to Fix Samsung Sim Card Not Detected?

Depending on the Android version of the device you are using, you may receive a warning message when you put the phone into “Airplane Mode“. Activate it by saying OK and leave it on for about 30 seconds. When you come out of airplane mode again, the Samsung phone will start searching for a service provider and hopefully this method will fix the Sim card error.

Make Manual Network Selection

If the network operator you are using is not the same as the operator registered in your phone’s settings, you are bound to have a Sim card error. To check if you are using the correct operator, go to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Search Networks find (depending on the device model you are using) may differ. When your Android device shows available networks, automatically or manually select the operator you are using.

Clear Phone Cache

No Sim Card How to Fix Samsung Sim Card Not Detected?

Clearing the cache on Android is extremely easy and eliminates a lot of dead ends. To do this, go to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Cached Data or  Settings > Memory & USB > Cached Data depending on the Android version. When you clear cached data, a warning message will pop up that it will clear the cache of all the apps installed on the phone. Say “OK” to the message Do you want to clear cached data and clear all the data in the cache. This will not only fix many errors, but will also free up storage space.

I think these are what you can do as a normal user of Samsung No sim card error and these are the troubleshooting methods that come to my mind. If you have done the steps above but the problem still persists, there is either a problem with your device’s sim card slot or your sim card is faulty. For this reason, if your phone is still under warranty, send it to service under warranty. If the warranty is over, choose a good and reliable phone service that can intervene hardware.

In this article, I tried to tell you as much as I could to troubleshoot Android no sim card or sim card not detected on Samsung devices, I hope it was useful. If you know different troubleshooting methods, please do not forget to write to us using the comment section.

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