How to Update Google Chrome (Windows)

How to Update Google Chrome (Windows)

How to update Google Chrome? Windows Browser update How to update Chrome? Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers used by millions of people around the world. With a simple interface, the Chrome browser is suitable for everyone. For example, each tab in Google Chrome handles a separate system, so when the browser crashes, you don’t have to close the entire browser. If you have any problems with the browser, you need to keep Google Chrome up to date, as a new version can fix all the problems when it becomes available. This guide will show you how to update Google Chrome browser.

How to update Google Chrome on Windows

Simply follow the instructions to update the Google Chrome browser:

Google Chrome automatically updates itself when you close and reopen the browser. However, if your computer has been off for weeks or months, you can see how many days Google Chrome has not updated by the color of the menu icon.

If the menu button is green – the update is available for two days.

If the menu button is orange – the update is available for four days.

If the menu button is red – the update is available for seven days.

You then need to click on the menu in the top right corner (the icon in the shape of three horizontal lines) and select “Help” at the bottom of the menu and click on “About Google Chrome”.

How to Update Google Chrome (Windows)

So, after selecting the “About Google Chrome” box, if there is a new version of the browser that differs from the current version, you will see the new one available on its server.

At the end of the process, if automatic update is enabled, the browser will automatically check for updates and when the update is complete, you will see the information ” Google Chrome is up to date ” with the current version.

How to Update Google Chrome (Windows)

Thus Google Chrome to see if you have the latest version so you can use the most up-to-date one.

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