How to Scan Android Documents?

How to Scan Documents on Android Phone? Sometimes when applying for jobs online employers apply to email scanned copies of documents or upload them to their website. If you are close to a scanner or multifunction printer, this is usually not a problem. But when you need to send scanned documents online as soon as possible and you have no idea where to find a scanner, it can turn into a nightmare. But if you have an Android smartphone with a camera then you are in luck. You can use your smartphone’s camera to scan and convert any document into PDF files using the free CamScanner app.

How to Scan Android Documents?

Often camera scanning doesn’t work very well. But the CamScannner app scans documents very perfectly, so you can easily tell if they were scanned with a camera. If your smartphones have a quality camera of 8 megapixels or more, the quality of the scanned documents improves. It also helps if the smartphone camera has an LED flash.

In the CamScanner app, you can tap the camera icon at the bottom to start scanning your documents. Place the document on a smooth surface of a different color to the scanned document. For example, if your document is a white sheet of paper, it is a good idea to place it on a colored bedspread.

Once the document is whipped, the CamScanner app automatically calculates its edges and you get the opportunity to adjust the edges, rotate the scanned image and resize it as needed. After that, CamScanner turns it into a rectangular scanned page and makes changes to brightness, contract, color, etc. to make it look better. However, you can also adjust these settings manually if you are not satisfied with the automatic adjustments.

Finally, when you tap the checkmark icon at the bottom edge to proceed and save it as a PDF document. You can rename the document as you like, annotate it, share it with others or tap the PDF icon to open it using a PDF viewer app on your smartphone.


CamScanner is an excellent application that allows you to directly scan any document of any size into a PDF file using only your Android smartphone camera. It can be very useful if you don’t have a traditional scanner or if you need to quickly scan something while you are away from your office or home.

You can get the CamScanner app for Android Google Play Store at

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