How to Safely Eject Usb Memory on Android Phone

How to Safely Eject Usb Memory on Android Phone

Secure Usb Memory Extraction on Android Phone; Other than being an open source operating system and fully supported by Google, one of the reasons why Android has become so popular is that it supports a wide range of hardware. You can see Android smartphones, tablets and smartwatches in many different hardware configurations all over the world.

You can connect portable USB storage devices, such as flash disks, to your Android devices with an OTG cable and access their contents directly from your smartphone. With USB flash disks now available in sizes as large as 64 GB, this is a very convenient option for expanding the storage capacity of any Android device.

How to Safely Eject Usb Memory on Android Phone

When using flash devices with your Android devices with an OTG cable, you should also be careful when ejecting the storage media. If you just pull it out, you may end up with data loss, app crashes or some other unexpected behavior on Android. First you need to eject the USB storage media on Android before removing the OTG cable from your smartphone.

Here’s how you can safely remove USB storage devices on Android:

  1. Open Android settings by going to the home screen, tapping the menu button and selecting Settings or Android Settings from the menu that appears.
  2. On the Settings screen, you’ll see a lot of different settings separated under different categories. Scroll down the list of all the settings and tap  Storage when you find  Storage .
  3. Under Storage settings, you will find the option to remove the USB storage near the bottom of the screen – you need to select this option to start unmounting USB storage devices connected to your smartphone via OTG cable.
  4. A confirmation screen will appear asking if you really want to remove the USB storage. Tap OK to resume and remove the storage.
  5. After the USB storage is successfully removed on Android, you can remove the OTG cable from your Android device without worrying about data loss.


To avoid data loss, app crashes and other unexpected behavior, it is recommended to unmount USB storage devices from your Android devices before physically removing them. Unmounting USB storage devices on Android is very easy and can be done in just a few seconds.

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  1. You plugged USB into a Samsung Tab A tablet with an Otg adapter. You are done using it and want to remove it. Find the “File Manager” on the tablet and open it. You will see the USB stick with the other sticks. Click on USB. Click the three dots in the upper right corner. Click on Storage settings. Click “Eject”. Remove it safely.

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