How to Mass Delete Posts on Instagram

How to Mass Delete Posts on Instagram 1

How to Mass Delete Posts on Instagram Those who want to delete multiple posts on Instagram can delete posts in bulk. So, how to mass delete posts on Instagram?

Users who constantly share videos and images on Instagram may want to delete their old posts for various reasons. Instead of deleting these posts one by one, you can also do it in bulk. In this way, you will save both time and effort.

In this guide, we will talk about how to do bulk post deletion on Instagram. Here are the details!

Bulk Post Deletion on Instagram

Deleting posts on Instagram  is happening collectively as follows;

  • First log in to the Instagram account and then to the profile.
  • After going to the profile page, access the post page where all posts are displayed.
  • After logging in to the post page, select the posts to be deleted. You should hold your finger on the posts or click on them.
  • After selecting a post, the menu icon in the form of three dots in the upper right corner of the screen will appear, offering more options for posts.
  • Find the “Delete” option in the menu and click on it.
  • Before the deletion, however, Instagram asks for confirmation whether the posts are to be permanently deleted.
  • If there is no reason to permanently delete the posts, the action can be approved.

All old or unwanted posts can be quickly deleted by following the above-mentioned procedures. However, deleted posts cannot be uploaded again. Therefore, it is necessary to think very well before deletion.

How to Mass Delete Posts on Instagram-2

What to Do Before Mass Post Deletion on Instagram

Instagram bulk post deletion  Some points need to be paid close attention before the process. We can express these points as follows;

  • Backups must be made
  • Deletion must be confirmed
  • Limitations on deletions should be respected
  • Distinguish between shipment types
  • Account privacy should be reviewed

Before deleting posts, important ones should be backed up. This way, a post you deem important will not be deleted completely. To back up posts, click on the three-dot icon at the bottom of each post. Click on the “Upload Post” option on this icon.

Once the permanent deletion of Instagram posts has been confirmed, the process cannot be undone. Therefore, the “Delete” option should be clicked after making sure.

After deleting posts, it should also be checked whether the profile page has been updated. Deleted posts cannot be viewed on the profile. Users may encounter some limitations when performing mass post deletion on Instagram. This limitation is related to how many posts will be deleted at the same time. If there are many posts on the account, the deletion process can be handled in several stages.

Before deleting posts, their type and content should be thoroughly checked. Instagram posts consist of IGTV, photos, videos and stories. The process is completed in accordance with the rules by determining the type of post to be deleted collectively.

Another factor to consider before deleting is account privacy. If account privacy is public, deleted posts will still be viewed by other Instagram users. Account settings should be checked to hide posts that are only intended to be shown to certain followers and people.

If you want your Instagram account to look more organized, you can check it periodically and delete what needs to be deleted. Especially Instagram bulk post deletion program is ideal for those who want to create an organized profile.

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