How to Fix Android Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On Samsung

How to fix Android Wifi won’t turn on? In this article, we have listed some solutions for the Wifi problem on Samsung / Android that gets stuck or won’t turn on when turning on Wi Fi. Samsung is known for its superior smartphones and with all its innovations, Samsung offers many new features for its users. However, nothing is perfect and many Android users have faced the problem of ‘Wifi not turning on’. In this article, we share with you some methods that we have found useful for smartphone Wifi problems.

Android Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On Samsung

The necessary steps are described below.

If you are using an android smartphone, for some reason it may not turn on sometimes.

The most common cause may be low memory space on your device.

Check the RAM manager and check if the free memory is less than 45 MB. If this is the case, Wi-Fi may not turn on normally or  power saving mode is turned on, causing the problem.

Solutions for “Wi-Fi won’t turn on” problem

Restart the Phone

Try restarting the device once to solve the problem with wi-fi:

  • Turn on Airplane mode on your device by pulling down the notification area.
  • Then switch the device off completely.
  • Remove the battery and hold the phone in this state for 5 minutes.
  • Press the power button for one minute without inserting the battery.
  • Insert the battery again and then turn the device on by pressing the power button.
  • Then check whether the problem has been resolved.

Turn off Power Saving Mode if Android Wi-Fi won’t turn on

One of the main reasons why you may have a problem with wifi on your Samsung Galaxy / Android device is due to the power saving mode.

To turn this mode off, do the following:

  • Key combination
  • Search: * # 0011 #
  • This opens the service mode
  • Press the Menu key
  • Click WIFI
  • By default, power saving mode remains on on some Galaxy devices and you can turn them off.

Check airplane mode

In case once you check if you have enabled these settings on your Android device and find that Airplane mode is on, disable this option and check if Wi-Fi will fix the issue. However, once this Airplane mode is set to on, you will start facing not only Wi-Fi but also some other issues.

Update Firmware and Change Router Channel

Go to the router interface


Sign in

Normally the username is admin and the password is password.

Once logged in, go to wireless settings and set the Channel that works best for you, you can figure it out using wifi analyzer on your android or you can choose a Channel from 4 to 4.

These channels tend to perform best in most places.

Once you have changed your channel, go to the Advanced tab and click on Firmware Upgrade.

How to Fix Android Wi-Fi Won't Turn On Samsung 2

Disconnect All Devices

There is something called an IP conflict when one or more users share The same  IP address  to connect to the same  network

This causes overlap in data communications. To fix this:

  • Disconnect all connected devices from the modem to the cell phone, tablet and PC.
  • Wait one minute after unplugging the modem.
  • Plug the modem back in and connect only one device to the modem.
  • When you see this you are successfully connected. You can also connect other devices.

Power Cycle Solution

Power cycling refers to the loss of a full charge or power to the device. This something can work as a miracle and fix the problem with Wi-Fi within a minute. If your device has a removable battery, remove the battery from the device, but make sure the phone is not connected to any power source before that. place the battery in a separate place for 1-2 minutes and then put it back in place. Now turn on the device to see if the problem is now fixed.

But if your device has a non-removable battery, there is another way to perform a power cycling solution and that is to long press the power button for 10-20 seconds.

Check Third Party Apps

Sometimes, it could be any third-party app that is creating the whole problem. If you can remember the last third-party app that you installed after the problem actually started, simply uninstall the app. However, if you are not sure whether this app is the main culprit or not, you can start the device in safe mode, which will disable all third-party apps, and if the problem does not occur in this mode, make sure that it is not something else. So, try to recognize the app and uninstall it. Or you can perform a factory reset.

If Android Wi-Fi still won’t turn on, start your device in Safe mode

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds which will bring you several options.
  • Then tap and hold power off until you are prompted to confirm entering safe mode.
  • Press OK and your phone will restart in safe mode.

Reset to Factory Settings

Set route in this direction

  • Setting
  • Accounts tab
  • Backup and reset
  • Factory data reset

Before performing this step, back up your important data, as a factory reset erases all data and brings the phone back to the way it was when you first got it. There are several ways to make a backup of your phone. First, follow the steps below to create a backup.

  • One of the best options is to use Samsung’s own Kies software, which we normally use to update the software of our Galaxy devices.
  • The second way to create a backup of the device is through the Google account. Settings> General> go to Backup & Reset and it offers two options; these are back up my data and automatic restores. Make sure it is enabled by checking the checkbox next to these options; it automatically backs up details such as Wi-Fi password, app data, Google settings and bookmarks to Google server.
  • Another way to back up your data is to use the Samsung account. To do this, go to App> Settings> User & backup> Account and check if you are signed in to your Samsung account. If the option is set to on, it will synchronize contacts, calendar and internet settings to the Samsung account.

The above Android Wi-Fi won’t turn on solutions work on all Samsung and Android devices.So, even if you have a Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, S4, S6, Galaxy S6 Edge or the latest version Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, you can try applying the mentioned solutions and it will surely help you get rid of the Wi-Fi won’t turn on issue with no problem. However, if it persists after going through all the mentioned solutions, you should take your device to the nearest Samsung store or a phone shop that knows it well.

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  1. Hi. My phone is samsung galaxy j1. there is a problem with my phone’s wi-fi please help me. i turn on wi-fi. but it neither turns on, nor does it show anything on the screen about wi-fi other wi-fi/ help me who knows please

    1. Hello Rafet, if your phone does not see the WI-FI network, the WI-FI option of the modem you want to connect to may be turned off, check that the WI-FI option is active. Also try to connect again by changing the name and password of the modem you want to connect to.

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