How to Factory Reset Android Phone

How to Factory Reset Android Phone

Factory reset Android phone Titanium backup: With the use of Google Play on Android smartphones, very few people keep installing and trying new apps and games every day. However, this can slow down your Android device a bit over time. This is because some of these apps leave some garbage and user data stored in your phone, and some apps keep running in the background all the time.After a few months, things can get so bad that you might wish you could start all over again. Fortunately, Android lets you do just that with its factory reset feature. You can reset your Android smartphone/tablet to the factory settings it was in when you first bought it.

How to Factory Reset Android Phone

If you want to perform a factory reset on your Android device, you should first back up your settings and other data using a tool such as Titanium Backup. If you perform a factory reset before backing up your data, you will lose all your data, including user apps and system data.

After creating a backup of your phone data, you can proceed with the factory reset by following the instructions below:

  1. Open System preferences on Android. You can open it by going to the home screen, tapping the menu key (on the left side of the three buttons on your Android device) and then selecting  System Settings from the menu that appears.
  2. On the system settings screen, all preferences for Android will be organized under various categories. Under the Personal category, you should select Backup and reset.
  3. On the backup and reset screen, you can choose to back up some of your data to Google servers to your Google account. Under the Personal data category you need to select Factory data reset .
  4. A warning will be displayed about what the factory reset process will do. Basically it will remove the Google account from the Android smartphone, erase downloaded apps and apps and the settings you have made to the system. You can tap the Reset phone button to continue .
  5. This will erase all data in the phone memory (not all data on external SD cards). After a few minutes your phone will restart and you will see the usual screen for installing Android and adding a Google account.

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