How to Disable Windows Registry History?

How to Disable Windows Registry History? Newer builds of Windows 10 have an interesting feature called user activity history. This records some of your user activity and sends it to Microsoft servers to enable the cross-device experience through Cortana, Edge and Timeline. This data collection is done with the good purpose of providing better Windows features in future versions of the operating system. However, if you feel that your privacy is at stake, you can disable it immediately.

How to Disable Windows Registry History?

We recently told you how you can disable Windows 10 user activity history in the Windows settings interface, but there’s a faster way in the Windows registry. By changing a special registry value, you can disable your user activity history in more practical steps, and you’ll prevent Microsoft from getting your user activity log.

How to disable Windows 10 user activity history via registration:

  • Press the hotkey Win + R together to open the Run dialog box.
  • In the search field regedit, type yes or press Enter.
  • In the Registry Editor HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ System .
How to Disable Windows Registry History?
  • Right-click on the Dword (32 bit) Value  that appears in the right pane and select Rename 
  • Rename the new Dword value to PublishUserActivities.
  • If the registry value has a number other than 0 such as (1 ), you can also change this value to 0 0 .

When this PublishUserActivities value is 0, your user activity on your Windows 10 PC is not saved and is not stored with Microsoft. When the value is 1, the date is both saved and stored on Microsoft servers. Disabling this feature increases your privacy as your user activity remains on your PC and is not saved, but disabling this feature also disables the cross-device experience (e.g. connecting to and accessing a browser on another device). If you want to restore it later you can change it to Dword 32 bit .

In this article I tried to explain how to disable Windows registry history. If you have any questions about the subject, don’t forget to write in the comments section:).

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