How to Change Default Storage on Android

How to Change Default Storage on Android

How to change the default storage for Android device? When I bought my new Android smartphone, it came with some internal storage, which is not that good as some of it is used by Android itself. After installing a few apps on the phone from Google Play, it started giving warnings and could not install any more new apps. At first I was puzzled, but after two hours of asking Android geeks, I figured that I had used all the internal storage to install apps and there was no room left for more apps. On the other hand, there is nothing on the 16 GB microSD card except an old song sung by an old friend. I solved my problem by changing the default write memory to external microSD card. You can also change the default storage of your Android device to external SD card using these simple steps.

How to Change Default Storage on Android

  1. First of all you need to open the Android settings screen, which you can do on all versions of Android by finding the Settings icon in the All Apps section and clicking on it once.
  2. On the Settings screen, scroll down until you find an item called Storage and tap on it. This will open the storage related settings screen.
  3. On the storage settings screen, Default write disk change the option to External SD card . Internal SD card refers to the internal memory of the phone, external SD card refers to the memory of the microSD card.

That’s all. From now on most of the writing and data saving options will take place on your external SD card instead of internal storage, saving you from errors and warnings about low disk space. For better results, make sure to use a microSD card with a higher rating (class 10 would be more perfect).

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